Thursday, August 1, 2013

Little soap trick

When we re-did our bathroom here a few months ago (check it out if you want) there was no longer any room for a soap pump on the tiny sink. Or a soap dish. And the slippery little soap refused to stay put on its own but ended up in the sink over and over, no matter what I tried. Until... a bright idea presented itself! You guys know how much I love my pistachio shells :)

 Take your favorite bar soap (this is one I found and it smells divine, if a bit pricey. But sometimes a tiny splurge is sooo satisfying) and some cast off pistachio shells. I found six per bar works perfectly but you might be able to get by with less.

 Press your six shells into the bottom of the soap, just enough to where they are secured into the soap without falling out. If your bar is very hard you may have to soften it with water before adding the shells.

 Place your bar on the sink, admire the perfect fit and watch how it stays put beautifully. Even when wet.

 See how the bar now has it's own built-in non-slip soap dish which keeps it elevated off the surface of the sink. No more melting soaps or soaps that slide off it's intended shelf. To lather up you just soap up like normal and the shells stay put amazingly well. Once in a while you may have to push them back on but it only takes a minute and then you're good to go again. We've used this bar now for about 2 months I think and only once has a shell come off it. When the bar gets to be too small you just remove some or all of the shells and discard them and start over with a new bar and new shells.

Whatever you do with your bar soap slivers is up to you :)

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