Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kitchen boost

This project has been in the works for months and months. In the works in this case means that it's been an idea begging to be turned into a project, barely got started and then sat half done for months and months :) I finally made myself finish it.

And you're going to laugh at me when I show you what it is, maybe I've actually gone off the deep end this time :) It involves cereal boxes on my kitchen cabinets. Yup, you heard me. At least cereal and kitchens sort of go together, no?

So, can you spot the cereal boxes?

No? They're right there, right under your nose.

See the backer board of the handle? Yup, that's made out of cereal boxes.

So here's the story. Our kitchen came with nicely painted white cabinets with these nice but very standard oil rubbed bronze colored handles on all cabinets and drawers. I just thought they looked a little puny and maybe not as old-worldish as I would have liked. There were also imprints of previous handles in the paint that I wanted to cover up without having to go through the tedious job of repainting the cabinets.

Since we go through a lot of cereal and in this case oatmeal I decided to use what I already had on hand (free is just the bestest of the best as far as prices go).

I cut out the larger panels of the box and paired them up. Lightly sanded the glossy side of the panels, gooped on some Elmer's glue and stuck them together (glossy sides together), then let them dry under something heavy to try to keep it as flat as possible.
I then took this label I found at The Graphics Fairy and played around with it in Photoshop. I simplified it and changed the colors, then printed out as many as I would need for my project and Elmer's glued them to my cereal box sandwiches like so.

Next I cut them out. I did a test run with my exacto knife and it was a complete pain because you need to use a lot of force to cut through this paper sandwich. So I used my kitchen shears instead :) Which was the main reason why I simplified the design, to make them easier to cut out.

It's a little hard to see in this pic but after they were cut out they were all slightly bent and did not lay flat against the surface. It turned out to be a no-problem-at-all-thing since the handle held them in just fine when they were mounted.

Now, I needed to disguise the fact that this was just paper. I got myself a can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint and sprayed away. I had printed these labels in dark colors so I wouldn't have to use a ton of paint to cover them well. Here they are drying away after being sprayed.

I used one of my handles to estimate where I needed to put the holes for the screws and then I "drilled" holes with my exacto knife. If you're not into eyeballing it I recommend actually measuring this part, I didn't get it exactly right so some of the backer plates don't lay flat against the cabinets. It doesn't bother me all that much but it's something to consider if you're very particular :)

And then I had to remove and replace every single handle in my kitchen. There's 17 of them so it's not all that bad I guess but it was tedious. Here's a before shot (of my uncleaned and cluttered kitchen).

And the afters again.

It's a small detail but it adds a certain something to the feel of the kitchen, it's more distinguished. And so I like it :) And the only thing I payed for was the can of spray paint. The paint makes them wipeable as well, we all know cabinets can get yucky. I'm not a kitchen goddess so I spend as little time in there as I can get away with and I don't expect these backer boards to get soaked with water or anything like that. Some splatters here and there they should be able to take.

Do you like?

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  1. That is very creative! Never would have thought to do that!

    Take care!

  2. Wow that must of taken some time! It does make a big difference, very creative and unique!

  3. Oh my gosh!
    What a great idea! Now that is what I call ingenuity! I just a love projects that don't cost anything, just a great idea and time! thanks so much for visiting my blog, and for your nice comments!

  4. Wow! That made a difference in the appearance of your cabinetry. I wouldn't have thought of that. I like it.
    Maybe an application of mod-podge might help protect them too. (acting as a sealant)
    Good idea.

  5. Wow! Cereal boxes, huh? I never would have thought of that. They look great and are the perfect touch on your cabinets!

  6. Love it! I'm such a spendthrift...I can't wait to trick my husband who would poo-poo the idea until he saw it!

  7. I have a 1937 home with original cabinets I painted and glazed ... and unfortunately you can tell which cabinets we use the most because the paint wears off around the pulls. Repainting those areas is a complete pain and has to be done more often than I'd like, so this is a perfect and budget friendly solution!


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