Friday, September 7, 2012

New (school) year, new beginnings

Hi everyone!

The kids are back in school since a couple of weeks and that seems to go really well, thankfully. The youngest is now doing 3 hours of school in the afternoons which means that for those 3 hours I'm completely on my own at home. I think it's the first time that's happened since the kids were born :)

 I wish I could say I feel rested and have all the time in the world to do all the things I like but strangely that hasn't been the case! I fight school traffic congestion in the morning to drop the oldest off, do the same at lunch for the youngest and then again in the afternoon to pick both of them up. Phew!

Sure, I have those 3 hours to myself in between but somehow they don't seem to amount to much. None of this has become routine yet and I'm anxiously watching the time all the time, reminding myself to drop that kid off and to pick that one up etc. Juggling two kids and their schedules somehow makes the likelihood of forgetting something that much more real and my flying by the seat of my pants mommy style certainly doesn't help the odds of that equation. My husband seems genuinely surprised sometimes that I've managed to not forget a kid someplace :) I'm just trying to not live up to his expectations on this one...

Nevertheless I'm going to do my best to be more regular on here. I have a ton of projects waiting to get done and while I'm waiting for the force to be with me and make me do them ( :) ) I'm doing some organizing as well as smaller copycat projects around the house. At least I feel like I'm starting to narrow down the feel I want for our house to have and that is priceless (at least to me).

While reading one of my favorite blogs the other day (From Moon to Moon) I came across what might be the most perfect incarnation of my dream home, at least when it comes to the feel of the place. See for yourselves.

 I just love the stately elegance combined with inviting coziness, the over the top but down to earth,
 mirrors and macramé, jungle plants and hides,
 layers, textures, patterns,
 lace and fringe, peacock chairs and disco balls,
 travel mementos, wacky and pretty,
 perfect and imperfect,
 crooked and exotic. But so beautiful! A place I could call home.
 I've been poring over these pictures over the last few days, noticing the details and combinations.

There's many, many more pics over at the original source, Shootfactory, in case you want more :)

My favorite room is the one with all the patterns and colors. The others I would personally add more color and texture to to make them just perfect. But what really caught my eye here was the macramé lighting, especially combined with high ceilings and wonderful moldings. I've seen macramé before (usually musty hemp crammed in a corner with a dusty plant somewhere in there) but this is the first time I see a lit chandelier (you'll have to go to Shootfactory for that one), and they're hung and used to their full potential as chandeliers in such a stately home. I think I need to try my hand at macramé and see where it leads me :)

Does this style of decorating scream crazy hippie days to you or do you see the appeal and potential like I do?

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  1. Hi, Titti! Welcome back, and congrats on your few hours of alone time...hope it gets more relaxing as you settle into the new sched. That is gorgeous decor, I love the ball fringe on the curtains, esp. across the door.


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