Friday, September 21, 2012

Miss USA pics

I'm in the middle of scraping the panes of a freshly painted french door found on the curb that my sweet husband installed for me and I'll show you the result as soon as I'm done. It's looking so good!

 In the mean time I thought I'd share these exotic glam shots of the Miss USA 2012 competition. I have no interest in pageants whatsoever and I couldn't tell you who actually won even if you payed me :) BUT these ladies make for beautiful pictures and the gorgeous styling, settings and accessories drew me in. And really, who doesn't like to see pretty women styled to the nines?

 This first one is my absolute favorite! She's exotic but elegant and draped in gold jewelry reminiscent of an Indian bride. They called this a goddess shoot or something along those lines and this lady certainly hit the mark (in my book at least :)). I have a thing for this kind of hair style, I find them so sumptuous. I tried for something similar for my wedding.

 Wonderful blue feathers go well with her eyes.

I love these braided crown hair styles as well.

 Some of these ladies were styled to look a little too much Xena the warrior princess for my taste. This lady is borderline but passed because of the classic white/gold/ancient statue :) And the eyes.

 This collar is something I'd love to duplicate one day. I don't think it would be too hard or costly if you don't mind faking it (which as you know, I have no problems with). Over a white maxi dress I think it could be wonderful.

 I really do love the "jewelry glove" look even though I think it might be a little too impractical for me to attempt in real life. Going to the bathroom would take an eternity if you have to take it off, do your business, wash your hands and then put them on again. Times however many times you do that a day.

 And the braids again!

I found this tutorial on how to make a similar braided crown hairstyle over on the blog The Letter 4 a while ago and I intend to try my hand at this one of these days. Go on, click on over there! Her pics are just as gorgeous as these ones, on a more everyday wearability level.

 All pics above were found in this yahoo article from June, except the last one which is from the official Miss USA page where you can see more pics and read their bios etc. If that tickles your fancy :)

Which one of these pics do you like best?

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  1. Wow! They look beautiful. I must say it looks like the organisers have mishmashed styles from India and the Middle East, but it looks good!

  2. I am crazy about the jewelry glove! All the baubles: wonderful and inspiring! Fun post, Titti!


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