Friday, September 28, 2012

Found french door

Oh, how I love curb shopping! Especially when it lands me stuff like this french door. It was free, solid wood and all panes intact - what are the chances?!?! Per usual I have no real before picture so please just use your imagination, OK? :)

 This door looked like it may have been one of a pair so it was a little uneven, wider on one side than the other as well as shorter on top than on the bottom. My sweet husband managed to install it all by himself and after that was done a 2x2 scrap piece of wood was screwed onto the top and a 1x2 onto the side to even things out a bit (notice my fancy arrows pointing to them above?).

 Then I took over and went overboard with wood filler to try to disguise the add-ons. We debated over whether to add on some scrap wood to the bottom of the door too but in the name of laziness decided not to. Besides, this doorway is a little wonky (like most in our house) and the previous door was scraping the floor when we tried to open it so a little extra room at the bottom means good clearance from the floor when open. We can easily add some on in the future if we ever feel the need to.

After some sanding, two coats of black paint and many hours scraping the panes - tada!

Is it perfect? Not at all. (See that gap between the door and the door frame, for example). But it is good enough and boy does it add a little something to this previously dark L-shaped pass-through hallway!

The door is still a tad too small for this door opening (if you compare to professional standards which I guess is what people do?) but you won't notice unless you look closely. The add-ons are still visible when the light falls on them just right. But, you know, we live in an older house where almost nothing is perfect and this door fits right in. I'd rather have character than perfection.

The door leads to our kids' shared bedroom. They're not in need of much privacy at this age and the panes give us a clear view of what goes on even behind closed doors. It even provides the perfect amount of night light for the kids to feel at ease going to bed at night. When the need for more privacy arises we can easily add some frosting to the panes.

For now the panes are used as an ever-changing kiddie art exhibit. The door is still awaiting a proper locking door knob but I guess that will come in time. Who knows what I might find at the curb the next time? :)

I forgot to take a before pic but the door we replaced with the french door was identical to this one above (leading to our "master" bedroom from the same hallway). Nothing much wrong with it (except being builder grade and hollow core, that is) but a french door is just better. Almost anywhere, and most certainly in our hallway.

So now I'm both itching to paint and dreading it. Itching because the hallway would look so much better with the wide horizontal white/gray stripes I have in mind and the kids' room would look much more sophisticated in an airy gray/blue as well, next to that handsome door. But dreading it because it's so much work to take all that stuff off the walls, tape things off and just DO it.

Ugh, a hobby decorators job is never done, I guess. Wish me luck with my procrastination/inspiration... :)

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  1. you FOUND that thing? Can you believe your luck???
    Best of all is your sweet hubby, as I know for a fact my Mister would give up even before the whole process of sanding and painting. "what, no perfect match? No- go!" ...sigh...
    I love it. Particularly the fact that it is NOT perfect.
    Heck, the little ones can pass notes under the door, one of the joys of childhood I still relish. And in the first picture you can quite easily see the second big advantage- LOTS of built- in picture frames!
    This post illustrates perfectly why I love your blog so much. Because you Just. Do. It.

  2. See the difference of the glass doors from the wooden door it's very far enough right? Because I love glass doors.

  3. Nice! Your French door turned out to be more beautiful after you painted it with black. It looks elegant than the previous one. If you didn’t mention it, I would assume that you’ve got a new door. Sometimes, all you need is a little revamp to make something look better than before. :D

    Francisco Close


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