Monday, February 20, 2012

Embellished sandals

Another spring means another pair of spruced up store-bought sandals around here :)

A trip to Walmart left me with these supplies:

 The sandals were $13, the buttons $1 each (washable too) and the pistachio shells were free from my craft stash.

The shoes are from the men's section which gives me all the comfort of being a man while the additions give me all the girliness I can ask for. The store-bought girly options often seem so uncomfortable, all plastic and super thin soles. While the guys get the real leather and cushier soles. Go figure. Luckily it's easy to get the best of both worlds. 

A better look of the sandals.

I drilled little holes in the shells and stitched everything on by hand. Voila!

I'm also considering stitching on a heel strap on these to make them even comfier. We'll see.

Spring can come anytime now as far as I'm concerned :) Do you like?
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  1. I think they look great! You're so right about women's sandals. They're especially bothersome for my wide feet. I might have to try embellishing my own pair of men's sandals :)

  2. Great job sprucing up those sandals-I've never thought of doing this but it might be a great way for me to get use out of my Dremel-yeah, spring can come-tired of boots!

  3. Oh those are just too cute!
    you did a great job. I'd have never thought of the pistachio shells and the buttons.
    I'm going to make some. (Texas is a big state...maybe we won't be seen wearing our home-embellished sandals together!) ha!



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