Friday, January 27, 2012

Beachy/Parisian lamp

This lamp of mine took a tumble. The kids were rocking the little side table the lamp stands on and it fell on one of the kids.

The kid was fine. The lamp shade wasn't.

The old, brittle fabric had a big dent in it. (To see how I altered this thrifted lamp last time around, click here). So something needed to be done, preferably on the cheap :)

The shade got stripped to the bones.

And then I dug up a snipped of white sheet from a previous project. Cut it to fit the shade with a few inches extra top and bottom. The extra fabric was sewn into channels.

 And then the short sides were sewn together to form the cylinder. Once on the shade I ran string through the top and bottom channel, pulled tight and tied a knot.

Ok. Not bad, but too plain.

Some bling was in order. Two bags, from Dollar Tree, I think. $2 total.

Simply stitched on by hand.

Hmmm. Better. Would be perfectly fine in a blander room, but needs something else in here.

Whip out your saved pistachio shells and a drill. Drill little holes in the shells, top and bottom, for hours on end.

Then more stitching in a jumbo chevron pattern.

We're getting there. Still too bland, though.

A stencil and some blue craft paint, slightly diluted with water for a softer effect.

And that's as far as I've gotten.

I'm sorely tempted to fill in the top and bottom chevron band with more of that blue craft paint to give it more of a presence. Still looks a little anemic to me. But not bad for $2 worth of supplies since I had most things on hand.

It looks like a combo of Parisian flair mixed with a beachy vibe right now. What do you guys think - leave as is or add more blue?

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  1. More blue, but a close together pattern of the accent symbol or a different pattern...not solid

  2. I liked it best with just the white shade and the bling. It made the bling stand out more.


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