Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Morocco meets beach

Living in an older house we had this nostalgic little nook in our tiny little hallway that the people in previous times used to keep the family phone in. I guess it was supposed to be centrally placed and all.

It didn't make sense to us to have any of our phones here, though, so we haven't really used it for anything. That little shelf underneath has held our phone books but that's about it. I liked this little nook but being white on white it was just kind of blah and a pass through. And the arch was too low to really house anything larger here. Being in the center of the house with no direct light no plants would survive here. Actually, lucky bamboo might have worked now that I think about it. But I went another route.

I found this little silver colored shell at the thrift store and had an idea.

What if I reshaped the nook's arch into a classic Moroccan silhouette, painted the nook jet black, spray painted the shell white, hand painted black stripes on it and gave it a home in said nook?

The edges look sloppy, I know. I could afford to cheat because these walls will be re-painted eventually.

The nook is now a real destination with lots of presence. An art installation of sorts. Classic and exotic in one. The shell and the arch marries our kids' room with it's beachy/underwater theme (the kid's room is just to the left of this nook) with the rest of the the house that leans Moroccan/Indian in style.

This little hallway (also seen here) is slowly being turned into a floor to ceiling ancestry gallery (my husband is into genealogy) and will eventually be painted with horizontal stripes in off white and a light beige. The impact of this black nook combined with future plans to paint the light fixture in here black will create a nice pop against the mellow background.

It looks great in my head and I can't wait to see it fully materialized :) Anybody want to come by and help me paint all these rooms I haven't gotten to yet? :)

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  1. Whoa, that is cool! I love the new Moroccan shape, and the zebra shell is so pretty! Great impact. You should submit this to Better After!


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