Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall wreath and a pause

 Fall is here.

 There's a chill in the air in the mornings now that has definitely not been present in a long time.  The leaves on the trees are long gone already because of the drought and we're just now leaving our long bout of 100 degree days behind.

 Spring and summer are my favorite times of year so the minute the temperature turns and that chill returns a sense of loss hits me. More this year than normal because we've been cooped up in the house all summer (playing outside in 100 degree heat on a crisp yellow lawn is less than desirable). I think having to get up before the sun rises to get a kindergartner ready reinforces that sense of loss of summer.

The early risings remind me of cold winter mornings in Sweden where I used to rise before dawn, bundle up as best I could and venture out in the snow and cold to get to work. Around 3pm the darkness returned and I had to get home in the dark. Just a few precious hours of daylight in between, experienced through a window at work. No wonder I love the Texas heat so much :) Just not 100-degrees-all-summer's worth of it, maybe :) But daylight is abundant in spring and summer and that's one of the things that make them my favorite time of year.

 We're still trying to find a routine here when it comes to school and speech lessons and the daily grind of things. And on top of that we've just decided it was time to change churches after 7 years. Lots of changes going on, some really exciting and others harder to adjust to.

In the midst of this I have a serious case of can'tgetanythingdone-itis. I have new ideas of cool decor projects pop into my head every day. Just can't seem to find the time and the energy to start anything. At least not the bigger and more spectacular things I know you guys want to see :)

So I've decided to give myself a month off from blogging. Try to find a routine, get some much needed cleaning and organizing done and freeing up space in my head for recharging. Hopefully that one less thing on my to do list will inspire some more creative endeavors and I will be back in time for Halloween. Since we didn't really get any vacation this summer I guess this will be it :)

I leave you with a couple of pics of the fall wreath that I just put out in front. The twig wreath form was purchased at the thrift store, 2 fake leaf garlands were found at Habitat for humanity along with the purple flower clip. The ribbon I had on hand. Leaves and acorns were just hot glued to the form, the ribbon tied on at the bottom and the flower clipped on the ribbon. I used the plastic vine part of the garlands to make a hanger for the wreath, attached with wire to the back. Enjoy, happy fall and I'll be back soon!

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  1. I now what you mean about the heat this summer. It's sad when you start to think of 97/98 as a "break" from the heat!

    Hope you find the new swing of things. Enjoy the break. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you have to say when you come back!

  2. AHHH I just found your blog and it's so amazeballs! So excited to be a new follower! Be back soon for more greatness!

  3. Pretty wreath! I like the bold mix of oranges, red and purple - very fall. Good wishes for all your big and little changes, Titti! Autumn always seems to me like a good time for that.

  4. Hey, kiddo.
    Hope you lot 'as a good weeken'.

    /Brotha' T.


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