Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beautiful things

School starts in a week. I'm running a little behind on my posting so I'll throw in my collected beautiful images for now.

The greens are what got me in this image. Love green.

The light, the mirror, the round chair thing, the black and whites and the greenery. Pretty much everything :)

Pink bougainvillea as a carpet in the lush green outdoors...

This focal wall has got me focused. Love the scale of the mirror paired with the low bench. The white against that wallpaper is just yummy. And the huge ethnic-looking statues work for me too. The rest of the room is kind of blah for me. 

Yes, the arches get me every time :)

These arches shouldn't be too difficult to DIY with some trellis. They're simple but give you that exotic something. 
An outdoor room with a zebra rug, ornate table and old brick wall. So well put together. 
Orange is such a nice color, especially when combined with white like this. 
This last one is an ad seen in the online magazine Dabble. Gray and hot pink can look so classy together. I don't mind the ads in the pretty magazines, maybe because they're bolder than what "normal" people would go for and thus more up my alley than some of the articles.
Random thought #1. I've been meaning to get on Pinterest but I keep forgetting about it. Maybe it's just as well or I might get hooked on something else, I hear it's quite addictive. 

Random thought #2. For a moment today when we were out and about it felt like it might rain. The moment passed quickly but apparently today is the first day in longer than I can remember that we're below 100 degrees. We haven't had a drop of rain all summer. Needless to say, our lawn is a bright yellow and quite crispy. It looks like fall already since some trees have lost almost all their leaves. So much for enjoying summer's lush greenery.

I have some stuff to show you, I just have to get my act together and finish up a few loose ends as well as put a few posts together. Talk soon!

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  1. Inspirational pics for sure, Titti! I love that 'round chair thing' so much! I am in the same place about posting stuff - very few and far between lately. I am TRYING to get my act together...but it's summer and I'm busy with other things and and it's hot and...well, I always get organized in the fall.


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