Sunday, July 3, 2011

Question - kooky or kool?

Hi guys,

Sorry to have left you hanging for so long. I think I'm suffering from heat overload over here :) The sun is relentless this year and we're hovering around 100 degrees just about every day.

I've got a few different project in the works. And you know that by "in the works" I mean I have several unfinished projects sitting around the house in various stages of unfinishedness :) Nothing like it for creating major clutter.

We were watching Hoarders the other night and the late hour and/or the general heat made me think we (I) have a real problem. My husband assured me I'm only imagining so I guess I'll have to take his word for it.

Nevertheless I feel the need to clean up some around here. You know, the things I never get to when we have people over. Like the bajillion spiderwebs draping everything in sight. (I don't know what it is about the spiders this year but they have been super productive. I never see the spiders, just the highways they leave behind). Or all the mirrors that the kids have been spitting on or something. Or all the pennies that collect on every available surface along with the inevitable dust. I have a plan and if I can dig out from under this heat blanket fog I'll make this place a little neater looking.

Ok, enough about me. Now to my question. I have this blank door in our bedroom.

It's directly opposite our bed so I find myself staring at it quite often. I've been wanting to do something with it for awhile. I considered putting mirrors on it. But since I have several mirrors in just about all rooms of the house and thinking that maybe there is such a thing as TOO MANY mirrors (scary thought) I reluctantly moved on from that idea.

So the next idea was to give the impression of a Jali screen, one of those wooden intricately carved wooden screens they have in India and Morocco. And I remembered I still had a nice roll of black contact paper left in my craft stash.

Hopped on the internet and found a pic of a screen I liked. Enlarged it in the free program PosteRazor and printed out half of the pic. Then I cut out all the little spaces in the screen and copied the pattern over onto the back of my contact paper (which I had previously cut to the same size as my door panel).

I only cut out the spaces on half the screen on my template to minimize the cutting (very tedious work) and then I just flipped it over to get an exact mirror image.

After this came the even more tedious work of cutting out the traced pattern from the contact paper with an  Xacto knife. A few hours later I could stick the vinyl on the door.

And my immediate reaction was that I didn't like it, it looks more like an illustration in a Victorian book than a Jali screen. With all the work I'd put into it I didn't rip it off then and there, but I couldn't muster enough energy to cut a similar pattern for the lower panel of the door either.

So I need your input here. Do you like the effect on the door? Or is it just too weird and/or busy/girlie/ugly? Do you get a Victorian vibe or an Indian one? My dislike may stem from the fact that the walls are white, it may look better once the gray/purple wall color is up. But I'm not sure.

Never mind the board leaning up against the wall, it's one of my projects in progress. But what do you think? Please help a heat stricken gal out here, ok?

Much obliged, internet friends! :) Will be back when I finish one of my many unfinished projects.

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  1. Maybe if you used that as a stencil & painted the door to add color you might getthe look you're going for. It's just too plain to me (so says the color phobic) lol

  2. I think it looks fabulous!! I think when the walls are painted you'll like it better.

  3. First of all, it's SO beautiful! I do think it looks lonely without a matching lower panel...but if you really aren't loving it, you can't go through all that work again!

    Somehow I feel it wants color to bring out the Moroccan feel - I agree it is Victorian feeling. I love that about it! But might not go with your house.

    Do something different with the lower panel, maybe? Paint big trompe l'oeil palm fronds? With tiny bits of them peeking through the upper screen? Hmmmmm. Whatever you decide, just beautiful work as always!

  4. I think it has a Indian feel to it, but more so with color. You said purple, so I think how about purple? Or you could paint just the door--
    Didn't really look Victorian to me.
    I like it. Kudos to you on all your hard work.

  5. It's really pretty and you put so much hard work into it I'm glad you didn't rip it up. I frequently have to live with projects for awhile until I figure out what they need? I like Shell's idea of using it as a stencil. I know what you mean something is not right? Maybe if you balanced out the black? You have the the black mirror on the right and the picture with the black picture frame on the right. On the left you have the small gold mirror. Maybe try playing around with the arrangement to balance out the black? Maybe painting the door moldings black. I'm seeing more of that lately. You are off to a great start! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comments. I'm following you too.


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