Sunday, July 24, 2011

Landfill decorating

A while ago I found two solid wood boards on the curb. Dark and scuffed-up wood. Looked like they were table leaves in a past life. So I had to come up with a plan on how to use them.

With a pair of scrolly brackets from Hobby Lobby (half off mind you) I turned one of the boards into an over-door shelf in the bathroom.

Maybe not the best decorating I've ever done. But it adds some coziness to this slightly cold-feeling room, it helps fill that empty overhead space and gives me another surface to accessorize :) I wasn't sure about it at first but I think it gets to stay now, quirky though it may be. Before.

I messed around with the styling for a bit.

Before I settled on the final configuration.

That pink vase started out like this (a thrift store find).

And with some help from craft paint swirled around inside the vase...

...I now have a vase that matches the hot pink fake flowers in there! The color is called Cranberry.

The second board I decided to use in the bedroom. A pass-through area near the foot of our bed that kept collecting clutter needed a functional console/vanity instead.

Using the broken pedestal (another curbside find) as the support (it's missing one of it's feet)...

...I placed my board on top, securing with screws to the pedestal and brackets to the wall. It won't hold to sit on but is quite sturdy as a console/vanity and with it's slim footprint doesn't get in the way of passersby.

Some styling with items from other areas of our home left me with a cute (albeit quirky) and functional vanity.

With a hint of the exotic, of course :)

What do you guys think - does it look too much like landfill? I kinda like it. At least it's not mainstream, right? :)

And my usual disclaimer - the walls in here are going to be a light gray/purple eventually. Just FYI :) Wouldn't want you guys to think I like white walls or anything :)

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  1. I love free stuff found on the side of the road, way to make it look beautiful!

  2. our local council doesn't let us do the road side dumping, except after floods, and then we can be fined or taken to court for taking anything off the piles...needless to say i am not allowed out alone when this happens cos the temptation is just to great!
    I love your "treasures" and what you have done with this economic climate, people need to be a bit (well alot!) more creative rather than consumer!

  3. Great finds! Love how you've repurposed so much!

  4. wow, i LOVE the table in your bedroom, that is a great idea. and i am dying to make some colored glass like you did with that vase. more inspiration and motivation, so thanks!

  5. The table is so fab, Titti! I love it and am very happy with the pairing of the wood with the old wrought iron base. And the color of your pink cranberry vase is to die forrrr!


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