Friday, July 8, 2011

Fail to ethnic chic in 2 hours

Presenting exhibit A.
It's only mirror number, oh? Four, that I'm placing in our bathroom. Because it's very normal to have 4 mirrors in a bathroom not much bigger than a postage stamp, right? :) It just proves my slight obsession with mirrors that I think I've mentioned a time or two before. And it wasn't supposed to look like this either, this is plan B (I must say I think plan B looks a lot better than plan A would have turned out had I not messed it up). But here's how it all started.

A while ago I won a little gift card to Pier 1 in a giveaway. Trying to make the most of my money I picked up a lot of discounted and nicked items. This mirror was really supposed to be a candle garden but for $17 (discounted) and a good size I thought I could turn it into a killer mirror. It's been hanging around the house collecting dust for a while and yesterday I decided to finally transform it into the spectacular sunburst mirror I knew it wanted to be.

Ok. So here is where things turned a little sour.

I was supposed to be cutting the sunburst out of mirror. And I didn't know that I apparently have no mirror cutting skills!

I've tried it a few times before and just because I ended up with piles of broken mirrored glass then doesn't mean I can't improve, right? I'm handy, I'll learn. Well, I improved some. I got four sunbursts out of two 99 cents only mirrors which is a little better than my past attempts. But if I hadn't messed it up so miserably those two mirrors should have yielded about 20 sunbursts. The discarded pile above is only about half of the finished size.

So I added yet another pile of shattered mirror to my collection in the garage and gave up on the sunbursts. They are really overdone anyway, I told myself. But I still like them.

I didn't have a plan B ready at the time. Then I stumbled upon a pile of brass cups in my craft room that were left over from my brass deer statue who used to be a candle holder. The little brass cups used to hold candles on top of his antlers. I started playing around with them on the mirror.

This is what they look like inside, and you can also see the original finish of the mirror frame here.  I actually liked the look of the frame, but the color wouldn't really work in the bathroom. So I figured I'd solve that with some puffy paint. 

I glued down the brass cups around the frame, trying to space them evenly (I used E6000 for this step). And then I used a bottle of Tulip metallic gold puffy paint I had on hand and put lots and lots of tiny puff dots all over the mirror frame.

I thought it would take forever but I got the hang of things pretty quickly and I also wasn't too particular about the spacing and size of the dots. It was finished in 2 hours and I didn't even use all of the bottle up. I let it dry flat overnight and then today it was ready to hang. Oh, I forgot that I also put two screws and some wire on the backside to hold it up, I did this before I started the decorating.

By the way, this is what that wall looked like before the mirror went up. I was never very happy with that feather thing, it didn't quite turn out the way I hoped (it'll go to live in our bedroom now, behind the door).

And here are some more after pictures (more pics of the bathroom can be found here and here).

 I love love love the glamorous ethnic vibe it gives off and it serves no practical purpose whatsoever other than being pretty. That vase is a thrift store find and the flowers are surprisingly good-looking Dollar tree fakes.

 It actually looks like it's beaded with lots of tiny gold beads, with a hint of red shining through.

This last pic shows the area I did first, when I thought I didn't want any of the red to show. I realized that I liked the red shining through so the rest of the mirror has dots spaced further apart. You can see that it's all very irregular and handmade looking which adds to the ethnic look I love so much, and really, when you take a step or two back you don't even notice it.

Look at me smiling for the camera :)

To me this mirror looks like a million bucks and, not counting my first failed attempt at making it beautiful, it only cost $17, some time and the on-hand brass cups and gold puffy paint. This project really makes me want to gold puffy paint more things in my life! How many objects do you think I can get away with? :)

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  1. I think this is one of my faves of your projects thus far! I never would have guessed those were tiny little dots of paint!

  2. That mirror that you have on the wall now looks like one very expensive mirror. You did a great job and I guess the failure turned out into something great. I remembered watching Decorating Cents when they where trying to work on a piece of round mirror or something that it broke and then they just turned it into an artwork. They left the huge piece of mirror and glued it on to a piece of circle wood then the rest of the shattered glasses was glued as well like it was a mosaic. It turned out great. You are sure handy and creative!

    Adin B

  3. Very cool! It does look like little gold beads. I love the collection of gold against the blue wall. Sometimes a mistake turns out more awesome because you need to be more creative to fix it.

  4. You kill me! You are amazing! Your finished mirror looks more like a Pier One product than the way you originally bought it from them! You are such a clever chicky-pooh!!!

  5. Gold puffy paint!!??!! I would never have guessed that. Looks so cool! What a fab idea - love!


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