Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trying to keep my nose above water...

School is out for the summer and I'm desperately trying to keep my kids from tearing the house apart, and maybe even have fun somewhere in between :) So forgive me if my posts are slightly more spread out for awhile. I'm still working on projects but it's harder to do any kind of more involved stuff with the kids around all the time.

I thought my garden was coming along so nicely, but that was while the tornadoes were coming through on a regular basis bringing lots of rain with them. Now that we're in the 100's and no rain in the forecast things are dying left and right... I guess I'll actually have to start watering my garden in a more organized way but just thinking about it makes me tired. Somewhere around here is where I usually give up on my garden, we'll see. Not even drought tolerant plants can live on no water - who knew, right? :) Someone should invent plants that could.

The husband brought my camera with all my pics on it to work today so I have nothing of my own to show you. Hence the inspiration file parade :)

This is what my yard would look like if I knew what I was doing :) I've planted lavender seeds and have little seedlings that I don't seem to be watering often enough or something. I have only a handful left. Sigh.

Ooh, don't these stairs just make you happy?

These door pulls couldn't be very hard to DIY and would give a wonderful Asian flair to any armoire/cupboard.

I'll have one of these armoires, please! In this exact colorway. Oh, and a bigger house to put it in....

I love palm trees! This could be the new chic entrance to my bigger house :)

If I had enough rain to keep my garden alive but not so much as to ruin my carpets and cushions this might be something I'd go for.

 That same garden would house a small palace like this one, of course! 
Maybe that palace would have one moody room where you can escape the sun and the heat surrounded by pretty sheers? Stenciling pretty patterns on sheers should be a fun DIY, don't you think?

I hope you have a wonderful summer and I'll be back shortly with more projects!

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  1. Those happy steps seem to be somewhere in Germany... astounding, my former fellow countryme never struck me as rainbow- happy!
    Let me know when your dream garden is ready, I'll be moving into the little palace asap. Like... immediately. LOVE!

  2. The blogger above just said what I wanted to say. :D

  3. I'm in love with these photos of these sheer veils over beds. It's dreamy.


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