Monday, May 2, 2011

Inspiration again

Hi, you guys!

I'm running late on my posting schedule and the inspiration folder is swelling so here goes some inspiration to tie you over. I'm hoping to have my crazy living room curtains ready to show next time around - keep your fingers crossed! :)

I've always loved the idea of a round bed, it just seems very impractical. Here I love the huge, over the top canopy over the bed.

A jumble of patterns, lovely. 
This combo of black and white stripes with a golden sunburst mirror is so neat looking. It reminds me of something one of the great interior designers would have done on a much grander scale, say in a whole room. Because it's contained within a frame it's attainable for anyone on a much smaller scale and budget. I'm itching to replicate this at home, if I can find the room :)
A tufted velvet couch, what's not to love here :)
This green headboard is gorgeous! Green really is my favorite color. This is probably achievable on a DIY budget but you might have to sacrifice some of the ornateness. Would love to try this one day.
I thought about what I liked about this pic and it was the artwork, the chandelier, the vases, the tree and planter and the chaise. So basically everything :) Just love the colors and textures.
Hello, green door! Wonder if green would work for our front door? Turquoise would be a little off, but this might work. Something to think about. Probably a little too unconventional for the outside (I may be slightly crazy but I try to keep the outside "normal" :))

Do you believe me now about the purple being an obsession lately? 
I'm not that much of a white wall person but I would actually love to see a room in this color combo, possibly with some green added. 

This room reminds me so much of my vision of our bedroom. Our walls will be a very light grayish purple but the bed will be black, that should give a nice contrast. 

Seeing these curtains I might have to add some green to that room even though it wasn't in the plans originally :) The cool thing about decorating in your head is that the plans change organically over time and may look nothing like the original idea. That's especially true for me since all my decor plans happen so painfully slow that there's plenty of time for me to get sidetracked along the way.

So guys. Hopefully wacky curtains next week, ok? Have a great week!
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  1. Hello. it is my first time on your blog and i am loving the ideas and colors and textures and and and. I am moving to a new flat. AND i guess like most girls I am jumping the gun and already thinking of how I am going to decorate my place which I haven't found yet. So my new fav idea is that you get decorative toilet seats for small bathrooms. Decorates without taking any space!!! Then I am in a little bit of a jam with my livingroom as I have willy nilly bought chairs that do not match over the years. I simply love chairs. They carry the style of an era so well. They are artworks in themselves. And then I have deep almost red pink, blue, beige and patterned brown to work with. i think since I have this great varitey I must take it over the top and create a colorfull wall(only 1)that pulls it all together. What ideas can you offer?

  2. @ Janetta. I'm glad you like it here :) As far as your wall goes I say you can pretty much choose whatever color you like. If you love it it'll all go together. Going by the colors you mentioned maybe a deep purple/aubergine wall could be considered? Another idea, a little more involved, is to paint narrow horizontal stripes on the wall of different widths where you incorporate all the colors your currently have and maybe then some.
    Happy decorating!


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