Saturday, May 28, 2011

Doubloon storage boxes and kids' room guided tour

So I wanted to do something about the kids' diaper box storage system without spending too much. These are the befores. These shelves are placed on either side of their bunk bed (which I showed you more of the other day).

We've had these diaper boxes forever, not very pretty but very functional. Since I like doing outrageous stuff I decided to bring in some glittering gold by way of gift bags found at the Dollar Tree ($10 for 10 bags, that's the total for this project since I had the rest on hand).

 I took all the boxes and covered them in the gold paper from the gift bags. This paper (plastic?) is very sturdy and I figured it would be able to stand up to kid use and abuse pretty well. I cut up the bags and wrapped them around the boxes, securing with packing tape inside and out.

In the name of cheapness I only used one bag per box which wasn't quite enough, hence the naked strip in the back. If you spend a few more dollars you can cover the whole thing and it'll look better (I just figured these are old diaper boxes and it's nice if they can look better but they'll probably fall apart one of these days so I just did the bare minimum here).

This last one shows the front of the box which is also the bottom of the bag. I thought I could get away with it but the front looks pretty bumpy unfortunately, the sides look great though. To distract from the bumpy front I found pictures of toys on the internet, scaled them in Photoshop and printed out a template on paper. I cut out the template and traced onto black contact paper which I then cut out and stuck to the front of the boxes, indicating what toys are in what boxes. (Sorry, that was a quick explanation without any pics, let me know if things are unclear). Afters.

 These pirate themed ones are for miscellaneous items, thought I'd add a little pirate whimsy to the mix.

Very outrageous, I know :) But I figured I could get away with it since it's a kids' room after all. And it brings in a lot of the pirate treasure gold doubloon look :)

I promised you a tour of the kids' room a while ago and that's what you'll get today. Despite the fact that the room is far from finished and worst of all - not painted! At least the room has a theme (beachy/gaudy underwater/nautical - loosely based on Spongebob's world and stories) and it's starting to look like it's not just a pile of junk thrown into a room. So here goes!

 This is the memorabilia wall. Kids art, birth mementos, hand and foot prints. All framed and treated like "real" art. I'm planning on adding shadow boxes of baby memories when I can get to it. That night stand houses my daughter's hair accessories, hence the mirror. The night stand will probably get a coat of paint in the future. These blinds have the same sea horses on them as seen over here, but they're only fully visible when drawn.

 Found this great little box at the thrift store for $3, we're using it as a trash can. It's got old maps on it which I thought worked well with the nautical thing.

 The story time chair, wide enough for an adult flanked by two small kids. The lamp used to have plain rice paper shades but they'd broken some through the years and I just wanted something different and cool looking.

 So I followed the current blog love affair with coffee filters and hot glued them all over the shades with general inspiration from here and ended up with a funky lamp, which could pass for some unknown underwater critters in a pinch. It sure adds a lot of texture at least :) And I recommend Dollar Tree for supplies, only a dollar per pack of filters :)

 This desk is awaiting a paint job in turquoise and new knobs, we need to add shelves above for storing art supplies. And those random Spongebob posters are only temporary, holding the wall space for some "real" artwork.

 A thrift store shell acting as paper weight.

 Another thrift store find (need to remove the price from the side :)) doing duty as pencil holder (I think it's supposed to be a flower pot).

 This "buried treasure" (according to my son) holds the chalk for the chalk board, it was only $1 at the thrift store.
And the dragonfly lamp rounds out the theme. It's a little on the short side so I think I'll add a few books underneath, some leather bound ones from the thrift store is what I have in mind. If I can find any :)

So that's it. There's a lot of themed accents in the room now, some quite outrageous and others more restrained and tasteful. I'm hoping that by the time I get the paint on the wall to tie it all together it'll be a stylish kids' room with some youthful fun to make the kids feel at home too. All the while having enough sophistication and symmetry to come across as more sophisticated than your average kid's room. At least that's what I'm hoping :) And with the changing of some accessories along the way I think both kids could enjoy this room for a long time.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Everything looks so fun and kid friendly. the storytime chair with coffee filter extravaganza above is the best! I REALLY love the black contact paper cutouts, they look so pro and sharp!

  2. Lovin' the pirate theme! You really pulled it off, the boxes look pretty cool in the room! And if you ever grow tired of that dragonfly lamp- remember I asked you for it first :D
    That desk is a treasure waiting to be discovered, I bet it will look amazing after the makeover. Can't wait!


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