Friday, May 13, 2011

Bathroom floor cloth and randomness

No wacky curtains yet. I'm ashamed to say that I'm lousy at sticking to my own deadlines. And this time I wasn't just dragging my feet, I got sidetracked by an all encompassing project. Presenting the bathroom floor cloth!

I'm sorry if you're one of those people who are tired of chevron. I'm certainly not since this is the first chevron thing I've ever had in my home. Besides, even if it's considered trendy at the moment it's a classic pattern that will always be in style.

So this floor cloth launches my mini bathroom makeover which I will carry out in my usual scatterbrained fashion over the next few weeks or months (depending on where my inspiration leads me).

For those of you who weren't around back in the day, this was the first room I painted in our all white house and I was so happy with the color (still am). Over the winter I started feeling like it was a little sterile and cold, not enough color or stuff going on. This pic below got me all inspired and I'm working towards something with the same feel to it, the rug being the first step.

My version won't be exactly the same of course. But you get the idea :)

How did I do it? Here's how.

1. I had a snippet of drop cloth left over from my cork board project that I thought would fit just perfect in our tiny bathroom. I painted the drop cloth with a white latex paint I had on hand.

2. Then I taped off the pattern with 2" painter's tape (I only measured the first row of the pattern to make sure it would be even and straight, then used the tape itself as a spacer to get it right for the rest).

3. Then I stole the kids' green tempera paint (it was the perfect shade of green!) and brushed it on. It saved me a buck, only time will tell if it's going to hold up.

4. I removed the tape as soon as I was done.

5. Then I covered it in 3 coats of Polycrylic. Let dry between coats and after.

6. Our bathroom floor surface is tiny and strangely shaped (custom, I guess you call it :)). So I made a mock-up of the shape I wanted the floor cloth to be by sticking A4 printer papers on the floor, taping them together and cutting out space where the vanity and toilet go.

7. I put the mock-up on top of my floor cloth, transferred the pattern and cut it out with scissors. Done!

I'm really, really happy with the color and punchy pattern!

I just wish there was a way to make custom water/dirt resistant rugs on the cheap that felt cushier and more luxurious. The texture is a little coarse, not unpleasantly so, but just enough to let everyone know it was a DIY. I could have painted on a real rug but I'd have the problem with it needing to be able to take water and potty training accidents and still be cleanable. So for now looks take precedence over feel :)

While I was at this makeover thing I decided to switch the shower curtain up a bit. I previously had 4 panels sown together width-wise and all gathered to one side of the shower in a big swoop. I decided to unpick the seam in the middle and ended up with two full panels on either side of the shower instead, with a nice puddle on the floor.

I know those different colored curtain rods aren't ideal, but that's what I have right now. I wish they made shower liners longer so the rods could be closer together, but sometimes you just work with what you have and make the best of it.

I found a new place for the curtain tie-back tassel too.

The feather frame will be replaced with something else and the peachy towels are just temporary. They may have been peachy for about a year but it's still temporary :) I'm still deciding what color to dye them and when I know they'll look different, ok? :)

So far the only new thing I've added to the bathroom is the rug, the rest has been re-purposed in the same space. But the bathroom already feels very different.

If you come to our house and you need to use the loo this is what you'll see right now. To me that patterned rug makes it feel grander and more decorated, I guess.

Another project that sidetracked me this past week was making teacher gifts for the kids' teachers. Last year I made a post-it notes holder and since the teachers are new this year I used the same idea, using similar techniques as in this tutorial.

$1 per frame and $1 for transparent gift wrap so $4 total, the rest I had in my stash already. I like that I don't have to make a card for this gift since I just put a thank you note on the pad itself. I have no idea if they like this kind of stuff but at least it also has a practical purpose.

When it was all wrapped up in the transparent gift wrap and purple ribbon it looked like a million bucks and our oldest shone like the sun getting to deliver these presents to her teachers :)

Oooh, and I got all excited this past week receiving this! Looks like I'm going shopping... :)

I've never won anything in a giveaway, ever. And then this! All thanks to Jenny over at Little Green Notebook and the people at Pier 1! I think this win was just a fluke because otherwise I'd have to change my opinion on giveaways (not sure if I'm up for that kind of change) but right now I'm really happy they exist!

I hope you guys have a great weekend!

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  1. Looks so glamorous! I love it!

    And I had the same problem as you with the two different height rods, but then I discovered that they DO make taller shower liners! I found one at Bed Bath and Beyond for $7! :)

    Good luck!

  2. Gorgeous! Love this pattern AND the color you chose...awesome job!

  3. I love this! I'd like to invite you to post it on Masterpiece Monday at Boogieboard Cottage. The link will be up all week, I hope you can join in. Have a nice week, Mary :O)

  4. Very creative! The great thing is that if you get tired of it, you can just take it out.

  5. Oh I love this rug idea! The tile in our bathroom is older than me and this would be a great, affordable way to cover it up :) Thanks!

  6. You just solved my bathroom tile crisis. Gorgeous. I think I will try some stenciling in lieu of chevron. Pinning this to my to-do list at pinterest...nonetheless!

    If you have a moment today, please share this with my readers @Creative Juice Thursday Hope to see yours among all the amazing projects!

  7. That looks awesome! I have a tiny bathroom too. It's kinda hard to decorate at times isn't it. I think you have done an excellent job with yours.

  8. Hi, friend! I'm admiring all your creative posts here so can you please share them with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)

  9. Look into microfleece/chenille. It absorbs a lot, traps dirt and you can throw it in the washer and dryer. I have a rug that I made out of 4 cloths that I got at the dollar tree. It's saved my sanity as before I put it by the back door my kitchen floor was always dirty and I was sweeping like a crazy person. I used silicone caulking on the back so it wouldn't slide.

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