Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Snazzied up 70's speakers and a spring wreath

My husband (bless his dear sweet little manly heart) brought this hideous pair of 70's speakers into the nest when we got married. Though loathsome they may be he pleaded their case with me (they're functional and essential for that 70's version of surround sound when hooked up in intricate technical fashion to our TV and apparently they do a lot better job than no speakers at all).

Being a good wife I work around such things as husbands with opinions and loathsome speakers on full hideous display in our living room, trying my very best to hide and accessorize them until we can upgrade to something a little more current (and smaller!). Here's the befores.

Let me also say that this whole area needs some help and that I'm working on it, one step at a time. 

Over the years I've toyed with the idea of painting them but at the moment that dark wood color actually works with the style in our living room and painting felt like more work than I was willing to put into them right now, thinking that they probably will be replaced fairly soon with something newer and more sophisticated anyway. So here's what I actually did. 

 I had some leftovers of the wonderful dress I used to make my earring holder and thought they might look cool here.

I think it turned out pretty good. These aren't choice dress cuts so there is a seam running down the middle on the upright speaker. And some major stretching of the fabric needed to happen for this to work.

(I got Mr. Deer here at the thrift store for $3. I'm sure he's supposed to be a reindeer (got him around Xmas) and he had little candle holders all over his antlers, except for the one that was missing which I'm sure is the very reason he ended up at the thrift store in the first place. When I had removed the little candle holders I got myself a perfectly good, solid metal brassy statue. And I changed his name to Mr. Deer so he would work all year round :))

The fabric on this vertical speaker is the bodice of the dress.

 And this one is the backside of the skirt part of the dress, hence the seam.

I later added this pot and ponytail palm to this area, to further jungle it up :)

Ok, so here's the procedure in all it's quickie simpleness. 

The speakers' front panels pop off so I popped them off first. 
Got my fabric and the hot glue gun. 
And started stretching the fabric onto the front panel frames and hot gluing on the back to secure the fabric. 
I used tiny dots of glue in case it would look terrible and I would have to rip it off. Since I was happy with the result that won't be necessary and the tiny dots of glue are holding the fabric very securely in place.
Put the panels back on, aided by some tape on the back of the panels since the thickness of the fabric caused the panels to not stay in place on their own. With the tape they stay on. 

That's it!

The pattern on this fabric reminds me of handmade global fabrics from faraway exotic countries, and this area taken on it's own looks more "earthy" than "chic" but I think with the other more glamorous items I'm adding to this room it'll look cool. A juxtaposition of simple and luxe. More on that in the coming weeks as I add to this room. 


I'm kind of running behind on my projects reporting here on the blog so I'll throw in my simple but colorful spring wreath which I've been meaning to show you for weeks (actually it's probably closer to a month or so). 

Since I created a designated wreath spot outside our entry door I've been forced to somewhat keep up with the seasons and change out the wreaths accordingly. I'm not a "natural" wreath person so my tendency is to stick one up and let it hang until I really need to change it :) Since my white winter wreath (scroll down a little in the post) was starting to look a little too colorless as the weather warmed up (not to mention it's annoying tendency to take off down the street with every little gust of wind) I had to quickly come up with something. 

 I've told myself time and again to remember to take before pictures but I guess I wasn't paying attention since I've yet again messed up. This huge wreath form was found at the thrift store covered in ugly fake greenery and a cheesy Easter bunny carrying a carrot, looking all disheveled and dusty.

I, in all my geniousness, ripped off the greenery and "stained" the natural wood with very diluted brown craft paint and promptly proceeded to hot glue my own fake greenery onto it :)

 Hot pink flowers and acid green "cigar" grass (don't know their real name) from the Dollar tree. I know it's the stuff to make a teenage girl green with envy but the vibrant colors appeal to me, and at least I skipped the bunny :) I'm fairly certain this wreath will probably stay up through the summer.

And it's also a little less prone to take off down the street on its own :) Which in my book is a definite plus. There's nothing like decor that stays put, don't you think? :)

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  1. omg, those speakers are so hip and mod now! I totally love 'em!


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