Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Inspiration and giveaway wrap-up

Haha! I guess I should have known that you, dear readers, feel the same way about giveaways as I do :) Why else would you be following along here, right? I just wanted to give something back to you since we're small enough for the chances of winning to be pretty good. A thank you of sorts :)

And we have two happy winners who've been duly notified, with prizes on the way or on the way to being sent out :)

While I wrap up my latest outrageous DIY (new curtains, at first I was sure I hated the result and now I'm fairly convinced they're pretty fab, detailed post to come in the near future) I'll give you a few inspirational nuggets to ponder.

The pants/skirt, whatever it's called. I love it! I hate wearing skirts but if it's basically shorts with two skirts attached I might actually like it. If I can work up enough courage I'll give this one a try sometime. Is this too loony to wear in the west, at Walmart for example? It somehow reminds me of a crazy rendition of the 70's pants, but with flair instead of ugly. 

 Nothing spectacular here. Except the rope decoration behind those oval silhouette frames. A great way to give the frames more presence on the wall. I love ways of adding grandeur to "average" objects (although the silhouettes are nice too). 

Mirrors, mirrors everywhere! I think I have a slight obsession with mirrors. I have at least one mirror in every room and multiples in most of those rooms. Kitchen too? Why not? :) I'll give you a peek when I finish this other project I'm working on in the kitchen.

If someone can give me a hint on how to DIY replicate that lovely purple dresser I want to hear all about it. It looks almost metallic? So nice and bright :) And this purple thing is a mild obsession too lately. 

A jungle bathroom. If my place wasn't so tiny and if I wasn't so good at killing plants I would love this look. I will nevertheless try to add some more (hard-to-kill specimens, mind you) plants to my house collection. It's like your house isn't really a home until it's got a few plants hanging out in there. 

And an exotic sunset with breezy fabric and lovely arches... This pic really lowers any kind of stress for me, just looking at it. *Sigh* :)

Now, I'm trying to decide which of my recent projects to show you next time. Usually it's mostly a question of which area/room is easiest to clean to give you guys decent pics to look at :)

This time around I have added agony over these curtains (they may be fab, they may be tacky. It's in the eye of the beholder, I'm sure, but this beholder keeps changing her mind, or my eyes are deceiving me). Maybe I'll see where I'm at in the creative/loony process by then and possibly be so brave as to show you something I'm not sure about and let you guys be the judge(s?). Either way, have a lovely week and I'll talk to you soon!

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  1. Well I am excited to win, thank you, my friend! I ALWAYS get inspired when you post these inspiration roundups. Too many incredible things to mention, my favorite has to be the rope frame hangers...I love the purple chest, though, I have no idea how it was done. It looks like purple nail polish...hmmm...


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