Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Exotic inspiration

So I'm a little behind on my posting but it's only because I'm finishing up my spring collection :) It's true! I had nothing to wear so I took a trip to the thrift store and picked up quite a few t-shirts in XL in some colors I liked and have spent the last few days fitting them and embellishing. Nothing really fancy but it has kept me busy. At least I feel like I can step outside now without being too embarrassed about the way I look :)

I've also done a few DIYs around the house which I will show you shortly. Also coming up is my newly painted dining room in brown, yay! Soo happy with the result. I'll clean up around here when I'm all done with the sewing and then I'll show you everything, promise. Right now everything is covered in t-shirt cuttings :)

In the mean time my inspiration folder is filling up quickly so I'll unload the goods here for you to enjoy, or not, depending on how you fly :)

Above pics, all three from martynlawrencebullard.com
The top one is my favorite.
I love horses. I used to ride a lot when I was younger but the opportunities don't present themselves too often these days. This picture reminds me of how it feels to be so close to these beautiful animals. 

I have such a thing for purple these days.

I love pattern and all but there is such a thing as too much all at once :) What caught my eye is the pattern on the top part of the wall, a very busy and intricate pattern but it looks wonderful in that tone on tone color. It almost looks metallic. 

A yummy brown room with pink accents. 

I think green is my favorite color. This wall with that zebra mirror, looks great. 

You guys already know my weakness for henna, no explanation necessary :)

Isn't that vase kind of cute?

I love huge mirrors, the more ornate the better :) 

This is a little "crazy scientist" but it has nevertheless inspired me to try something similar in my kitchen window :) With a windowsill herb selection beneath (if the seeds will grow for me, that is). 

Wouldn't mind poolside seats like those. Or the jungle. 

source, both above pics
So these bubble tents are absolutely gorgeous, if maybe just a tad impractical for actual camping? :) It gives a totally new meaning to the term "put yourself out there", don't you think? :)

Oh my. She's just the essence of exotic beauty, IMO.

And with that I bid adieu for today. Back with my finished projects, in just a couple of days or so I hope. Take care!
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