Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brown dining room (finally!)

Proudly presenting the finished dining room!

Finished as in finally painted, but a lot of the individual pieces/areas of this room are still works in progress. Here's the guided tour. (I apologize in advance for blurry pics, this room has very little natural light and it's hard to get really good pics in here, despite sunshine outside and all lights on.)

First up our computer/office area. A place where massive clutter collects, not to mention all the technical thingies the husband claims to need. I not only painted the walls, I also made a real effort to make storage stylish. All the components of this desk will be painted the same ivory shade and black pulls and handles will be added.

A blurry pic showing the Moroccan lantern in action up against the wall, as well as the fake flowers I squeezed up on that shelf to help the beautification along.

There's not much I can do about all the stuff in this area so I'm trying to make it look as orderly and organized as possible with a few decorative accents spicing things up. The boxes up on the shelves will be recovered with some nice paper or fabric to go with the color theme in here. In the wicker storage baskets are masses of discs, cables and other technical stuff as well as some overflow of all my crafty materials and tools.

Under the desk we used to have a bunch of cables all jumbled up. They're still there but they are now mostly hidden under this footstool. It may not look like much, but believe me, this is soo much better than before! :)

I found this office chair at the thrift store a while ago. I've been wanting one of these forever and was so happy to get it for only $15. It's awaiting a coat of black paint as well as a seat re-cover in a snazzy vinyl. Glossy turquoise crocodile would be divine! Will see if that is doable when I get to it.

 The fridge area. Not much has changed there except the color of the wall (and I patched up the cracked wall above too).

 This corner of the room still looks unfinished to me. There will be a white banquette along those two walls eventually, the table will be painted and the three chairs closest to the camera will be slip-covered in drop cloth. I think there might be another lamp/lantern hanging in that corner as well.
And a roman shade on the window. So much still to do!

Here's my first attempt at making a floor cloth and I consider it a fail. It looked great until I got to the polyurethane. It needed so many coats and I put it on thickly and ended up with yellow puddles. I can probably sand that down and try again but for now it'll have to do. At least you know it's not pee :)

Just some styling with unusually good looking Dollar Tree fake flowers :) And Dollar Tree bamboo place mats (which we do use, until the kids have killed them at least).

The center piece is a thrift store leaf shaped platter with a few bags of exotic Dollar tree potpourri and a couple of candle sticks. For lack of anything better to put on there :)

And George Washington is hanging in there still :)

 As I promised back when I made it the Mora clock now pops beautifully against the background :)

And one last pic of the view into the living room.

I don't have any really good before pictures but here's a collection of snippets of this room from before which will at least give you an idea of the change this room has gone through.

And the after again :)

We absolutely love this color in our dining room!

It does make the room look darker which I'm hoping to alleviate by bringing in more lighting, but at least the room now feels more put together, more elegant and more inviting and cozy. I've mentioned before that this room is so devoid of natural light that we leave the lights on in here all day long (even before we painted it brown). That's why I decided to embrace the darkness instead of trying to fight it. And brown is such an inviting color.

This is Behr's Pepper Spice by the way. And it will of course be balanced with a lot of white and some pattern as well as some lovely color when it's all done.

So do you guys approve?

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  1. Titti, I love the color!!! And the decor is so YOU. The floor cloth with pee made me laugh so hard I almost peed...I love the striping, so I'm sorry you think it's a fail. How many coats of poly do you put on? Could you spray it on? It would go on thinner that way. To my eye, though, it still looks pretty.

    The clock looks amazing against the wall!

    Yay! Thanks for naming the color and brand, I am writing it down because I might use it...

    Have a fab weekend! Mich

  2. Hi! I haven't commented in a long time, I don't think. But stopped by tonite and your dining room has changed a bunch!
    I love the wood floors in this room. I think that since the room was dark to begin with (even being painted a light color) that it is great that you went ahead and painted a color that welcomes you into your own home.
    I remember when you first made your clock...I'd not ever seen a clock like that made from plywood... I see them all over now! You're trend setter...LOL. That's what I always say about my stuff when I see it elsewhere, anyway.

    I AM A BIG FAN of hanging lights. I have some '70ish style swags hanging in my own house. I like the cut crystal ones you have here. They really sparkle.
    I've seen everybody painting rugs and floor cloths...you're more adventuresome than me.
    All in all it pulls together pretty nicely! I bet you're enjoying it so much now.
    I'd like to get just ONE room finished. I flit-and flutter all over...losing focus.



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