Thursday, February 3, 2011

Summer gardens

... are on my mind today as I sit wrapped in layers and layers of clothes and blankets, all faucets drip-drippety-dripping and (unfortunately) toilet and kitchen sink pipes frozen. All this as we're coping with temps in the single digits (apparently hasn't happened here in 15 years) and obviously the houses here aren't built for this kind of weather (I can just tell, ok? :)). Two more days of this and then we should be in the clear and no-one will be happier than I when these temps are over with!

So I noticed a summer garden theme in many of my pics this week :) Wonder why, huh? And Indian brides, but those colors and patterns just make me happy!

Purple pattern against that gray wall, with lots of climbing plants and a mirror.

Black and white contrast kitchen. I'm working on this at home since our kitchen is all white but I'm slowly introducing some more black. And adding "antique" mirrors, just like in the pic :)

Brown walls with blacks, whites, graphic patterns and blue accents, reminded me of what our dining room is going to look like (still sadly only halfway painted, need husby's help to move stuff around before I can finish).

I have a thing for purple lately... 

The doorways, and I wish there was a DIY way to make those lamps. 

How cute are those pincushions? I want a couple of those.

I wouldn't say no to a little garden shed like this one :)

Not exactly sure why I like this bookshelf so much. It just seems inviting. Would like to DIY that blinged globe/vase on the bottom left. 

Don't worry, I'm not into sculls at all. But this wallpaper looks very pleasing from a little ways away. Should be possible to DIY a similar look, with a stencil maybe?

Those windows, and the view isn't bad either:)


So I hope that gave you a little break from the cold weather :) I'm off to make some valentine cards for my daughter's pre-K class. 
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  1. So many pretties! Oh, yes, I also would like that "little garden shed." And all those houses. And the ability to make henna patterns like those! Stay warm, Titti!


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