Saturday, February 5, 2011

Random winter and fridge pic vignette

We're finally out of our four day freeze and we lived to tell about it :)

The little snow covered house in Sweden Texas. A good 6 inches of the fluffy white stuff.

These beauties have been our constant companions through the ordeal, hanging right outside our bedroom window, growing larger and longer with each passing day. Today they're dripping really fast and are about to fall off.

While we've been cooped up at home I decided to get to the homework given to us (my daughter and I) by her pre-K teachers, 24 valentine's cards for the class and teachers. Since looks are important to me they could not be entirely made by my daughter, and I'm pretty sure she would have gotten tired of the whole thing after only 3 cards.

I saw this card a while ago and figured that could be a cute design to use, no need to reinvent the wheel when someone else has already come up with a brilliant idea :)

Here's our version.

We just made a simpler, cheaper version of the inspiration. Orange construction paper for the base, red construction paper for the monster, white computer paper for the eye and the rest done with a sharpie and the kids' green marker.

Obviously I cut out all the shapes and then I had my daughter glue the monster and the eyes on all the cards. I then wrote the sayings as well as glued the little heart on myself since it needed some precision in placement. Then I helped her to sign all the cards on the back.

Turned out to be a nice little paper craft and she was really excited about the result. I steered clear of all the pinky-fluff stuff, partly because my daughter is a little tomboy and partly because half the class is made up of little boys who might not like that either. But who wouldn't like a little lovable monster? :) And I like that it's (almost) devoid of sap :)

Since we're already on the subject of kids I thought I'd show you this little picture vignette I created on the side of our fridge.

I remember reading somewhere that kids whose families display pictures of the kids in the home do better in life, or something to that effect. I suspect it's not the magic of the pictures themselves, but rather families who are happy and healthy are more likely to let their love for their kids show by way of putting pics up.

Nevertheless I took this opportunity to put some more pics of them up to help them fare better in life :) This side of the fridge faces the corner of the dining room where the kids have all their meals and my daughter spotted the pics right away, she actually comments on the pics quite often.

This project is neither expensive nor high tech. The pics are printed off our computer on regular printer paper (not the best quality but it's ok for now, the kids certainly don't care).

The large frames are from the Dollar tree, the small ornate frames are Xmas ornament frames from the 99cents only store. I think I got the ribbon at the Dollar tree as well. I hot glued the frames to the ribbon and simply hot glued the ribbon to the top of the fridge (it will peel off easily when it's time for a change).

It makes for a vintage inspired picture hanging but with a modern twist against the crazy fridge. And the turquoise ribbon will go perfectly with the browns and blues in this room (when it's all done, that is :)).

That's all for today. Hope you guys are staying warm where you are, spring is almost here :)

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  1. They look great on the ribbons, and the ribbon is great against the black and white. What little cuties!!! I love your cards, too - as you say, perfect for boys and girls.


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