Thursday, February 17, 2011

Black door and jewelry box

It's funny, but it's like the temperature has to be in the 70's during the day for me to be really creative and productive :) Since it's been nice and warm this week I all of a sudden got the urge to paint again :) Naturally, the urge wasn't to finish all the projects I've started but not yet finished, oh no, it had to be a brand new little project :)

So late one night when everyone else was in bed I grabbed my paintbrush and started on the inside of our back door. It's located in the kitchen and the kitchen is all white. Now, I love white as much as the next person but when it's all white I feel like there's nothing going on. So my first step is this black door. I'm not quite used to it myself yet, guess I've been living with white too long :)

Here's what it looks like now.
It's very obvious I'll have to do something about that raggedy old storm door with it's stylish rust streak...  But one step at a time, Sweet Jesus :)

Per usual I forgot to get a real before pic, but after some digging in my stash of old photos I found this one. 

Grainy, but you get the idea.

When I said the kitchen is all white that wasn't completely true. It READS as all white, but the tiles on the floor, counter tops and backs splash are off white with light beige/yellowy streaks.

My other plans for the kitchen include painting the upper walls a barely there blue, the lower part of the walls probably a light taupe with a painted pattern. The cabinets will still be white (click the link to see more pics of our itty-bitty kitchen).

Oh, here's some more pics of that door.
This is how far I got before I remembered that thing about a before pic :) And there I am hiding behind the trash can :)
I've been meaning to do a frosted design on this door for, like, ever :) Maybe the weather will help that along as well :)

Another thing I've painted black lately, and also forgot to take a before picture of, is this little jewelry box found at the thrift store for $3. In great condition except the thrift store standard yellowy wood finish. A coat of black craft paint and it's good to go again.

Actually, it was two coats. And I sanded the edges to let some of that wood shine through. I used matte craft paint and the finished result looked dirty so I needed to add some gloss somehow. The only thing I had at home was a black Dollar Tree shoe polish. Rubbed a little of that around and I was done. It's not glossy per se but it adds a little bit of shine to the finish.

It sits on my secretary/bedside table and I use this for rings and earrings, to hold my watch at night and a few other odds and ends.

Something crazy happened to me this week. On Monday I heard our cat hiss and growl and carry on in our bedroom. As I went to check it out I had the pleasure (overstatement of the year) to see a snake slither out from under our bed!

So it was just a little one and I think it was a harmless garden snake, but since I really know nothing about Texas snakes except the fact that some are poisonous I treated him with due respect. I carefully put a bowl over him, slid some junk mail under it and took him out in the backyard.

After getting his mug shot he took a short flight over our backyard fence into the alley.

He must have come up from our crawl space through any number of little holes in our old house. I suppose we'll have to focus on plugging all those holes up in the near future. I for one do not want to step on a snake on my barefooted way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Harmless or not.

When my daughter saw him she said "He's so cute", and yes he was, but I'd much rather have him go and be cute on the other side of the fence. No offense :)

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  1. The jewel box is so pretty, and Mr. Snake is handsome (and lucky you saved him!). I am so surprised by the black door - it makes much more of an impact than I would have guessed! Looks so much richer now. Great tip! And successful late night project.


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