Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hi guys, I'm back!

I've had a nice, long break with lots of candy, not as much sleep as I would have wished for but that's entirely my own fault, and then lots and lots of blog reading :) I follow waaay to many blogs but I can't help myself! It's like having all these gorgeous decor magazines right at your fingertips and I don't want to miss out on anything beautiful and inspiring out there :) I guess there must be a breaking point where I won't be able to follow along any more but obviously I'm not there yet. (If you're curious as to what I'm reading just click on my profile on the right and scroll down a bit. Just be warned, it's highly addictive stuff and I change it around frequently.)

Hope you guys are staying warm out there. I'm certainly trying to but failing miserably. Living in an old house does have it's drawbacks and being cold in winter is definitely one of them. Brrrr... BUT... spring is just around the corner here in Texas so I'm sure I'll survive.

I've already started planning for what and where to plant stuff come warmth, but I haven't ordered any seeds or anything so I'm sure I'll be running late with all my plans as usual. I was very ambitious last spring and this year I'll be a lot more restrained (I sometimes learn from my mistakes :) I also forget quickly so I'm sure I'll be all ambitious next year again.).

I'm running behind on my wreath reporting too. I made a felt wreath for Christmas which I never got around to showing you but I plan on having it around year round, just slightly altered according to the need of the season so you get to see it now instead.

I more or less followed the instructions from here, but as always I changed things up as I needed. Here's my version.

This is hanging on the inside of the door where I plan on leaving it for now but for Xmas I had it outside in the designated wreath spot at the entry (see pictures below). It had a sprig of greenery and a big deep red bow on it (again, sorry for the lack of pics but I just never got to it for some reason), but in its de-Xmas-ified state it's naked except for a bundle of deep red ribbons. It can be reused for Valentines if I feel like it, or for fall with the addition of some yellows and oranges. I like this kind of wreath because it's basic and you can alter it at a whim.

I should mention that I didn't cut the felt into circles but into little five petal flower shapes hoping it would add more texture to the finished wreath. Must say, though, that it doesn't look much different from the original circle wreath so if you make it I say just stay with the circles, it'll be faster for you to cut out.

I used a cheap wreath form from the Dollar Tree store and folded and hot glued my flowers on there.

As usual I can never turn my back on my stuff for a second or some little hands are there to grope or steal... Lucky for them I love them or they'd be in trouble :)

This is the wreath I have hanging outside at the moment, a wintery wreath with a cutesy bow.

This wreath is made out of some of the millions of Walmart bags we amass by doing our shopping at the next door store. Couldn't find a tutorial on exactly how I made it (and I didn't take pics for this one) even though I know it's been done before. This is as close as I get.

I again used the same kind of wreath form from the Dollar Tree as I did with the red wreath.

Then I took my plastic bag, flattened it, cut off handles, bottom and the front where any logos or writing would be.

The remaining piece of the bag was folded in half (sides together) and cut along the fold, then folded again (again, the sides together) and cut along the fold.

These four pieces were tied, one at a time, to the form along with the handle pieces. I also flattened the ends of the ties so they wouldn't be all scrunched up. Repeat until the form is full :)

I hot glued the bow together from a gold and a turquoise ribbon and fastened it to the wreath with wire (so I can remove it when my tastes change and possibly use it for other times of the year).

As you can see the designated wreath spot is on the wall adjacent to our front door, the storm door makes it virtually impossible to have a wreath on the door itself and besides - that formerly empty wall needed something decorative anyway.

The wreath is flanked by resin thrift store candle holders. I have a thing for candle holders but I rarely feel like they actually need candles in them, is that weird? They just look decorative and stately enough on their own. One is a little crooked in these pics because the wind ruffles them sometimes, they're kind of light weight.

I plan to repaint the base of that bench black sometime soon as well as add a pillow or two. It's all on the ever growing to-do list :) That mountain of cinder blocks in the foreground is another one of my projects in process, more on that when finished.

On a different note I can report that I have started repainting our dining room brown. Started, but not finished. I like to repaint our rooms one or two walls at a time so I can do it in a couple of hours and move everything back where it's supposed to be before I start on the remaining walls. That way we can still use the rooms while they're being repainted.

I love this wonderful foyer above with the pink sofa. Our dining room color isn't quite that dark but with the room being north facing with a covered patio outside the window it almost looks this dark. And instead of pink it'll have lots of whites and blue/turquoise accents. 

So our dining room is changing into a darker, more elegant space. I decided that no amount of light and bright colors was going to make this room look brighter (we have the light on in here all day, every day, even when the room was painted white). So instead I'm going for a dark but cozy and welcoming feel. After pics and more info when I'm done.

I've also thought about throwing in more inspiration pics around here. It would be a way for me to store my favorites where I can easily find them without having to stuff our computer to the gills. And I get to share them with you as well as making my posts go longer/come more often. Hope you don't mind this deviation from DIY. There will still be plenty of DIY to go around, of course :)

Thank you everyone, new and old, for following along on my blog. Have a great week!

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  1. Lovely wreaths! The red one is wonderfully floofy, SO Valentiney. And the white one really is amazing - I thought it was tulle until you said it was wal-mart bags! Love the pink-sofa picture. I have that exact sofa - it was my great-grandmother's. Except my living room is so small, the sofa's almost too big for it. Gee, it would be fun to have a foyer large enough for a whole sofa. Glad you're back and ready to show your stuff again!


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