Friday, January 21, 2011

Color inspiration

So here's a snapshot of all the gorgeousness I've been looking at lately. Lots of color, some pattern and texture.

I'm not sure why but I've been very drawn to black woodwork for a while. And it pops beautifully against this yellow striped wall here.

Hot pink and orange look great together.

A huge rug in a large scale pattern. I'm plotting something along these lines for our living room. DIY style, of course :) It's taking it's sweet time, though, as always. Those large green leaves in a vase would be something I'd want as well.

This curtain idea looks cool and shouldn't be too hard to DIY, you just need a lot of fabric :) Fabric just makes everything look so luxurious. 
Dark walls and funky black and white chairs. I like the look of dark rooms in magazines but I generally don't like the looming feel of a dark room in person. So you need a lot of lamps to make it work, I guess :) I'm trying it out in our dining room now, it's half-way painted and will be a pretty deep brown when done. I think I need to add more lighting in there...
This umbrella light makes me smile. I love it but I'm glad someone else did it first. I would probably have rejected the idea thinking it was just one of my crazy ideas. But even reputable designers have these ideas and it obviously works. I'm sure there's a way to incorporate this idea somewhere. 
These colors together are just gorgeous! 

As are these.

Beautiful Indian bride. Color and sparkle.

Curled up elephant's trunk. And I'm sorry but I don't know where I got this last pic from.

These pics make me dream. Hope you enjoyed them too!
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  1. Such a fun peruse thru your pics! I love that first photo with the striped walls.


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