Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Henna art work

Here's a shorty post about some wall art you may have noticed in my last post (but most likely you didn't because no-one asked. I'm totally volunteering this info :)).

Like most of my stuff it's DIY from scratch. Foam core boards again. I'm talking about the black and white art on either side of the large armoire.

While trolling the internets one day looking for Indian henna/mehndi designs and inspiration I found these images. (The first 3 from, last one I don't know from where and I was unable to find it again).

And I just thought they were soooo pretty! Loved the graceful silhouette of the legs and feet not to mention the beautiful patterns. They're henna design sketches for henna artist to refer to when they're applying the henna, most are bridal henna I think.

I cleaned up the pics in Photoshop, printed them out and filled in the outlines with a fine tipped sharpie (did some retouching with the sharpie on the last pic as well since it's a pretty low resolution image). I more or less followed the same procedure as last time around as far as the foam board assembly goes, I used mod podge again to glue the paper onto the foam board and painted the edges black (again). I didn't have to blow the pics up much, I only printed them as large as I could get them to be on a standard sheet of printer paper.

And the result is some pretty cool modern/traditional henna art in a nice graphic black and white. They're all 14x14 inches and if you look closely at the first pic above you can see that they didn't quite come out perfectly square, they're all a little wonky. It doesn't bother me though. But I have no idea how it happened because I measured and used a square template :) And this other project I just finished I didn't measure anything and it came out just fine. Go figure. I guess that's why I don't often measure stuff :)

That wall before.

And the afters.

This last design is my favorite. The funny thing about these feet and legs is that they sort of go with where I placed them. That huge armoire is used to store our coats and shoes since our entry is right there and I didn't want that whole mess out in the open since it's also our living room. Shoes go with beautifully decorated feet, no? :)

What do you think, aren't they pretty?

As a funny side note I realized the other day that the color of the walls in this room are pretty much the same as that neon yellow-green of a brand spanking new tennis ball... We love it, though. And guests like it too (or they've been too afraid to object :)). We have a tennis ball room :)

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  1. See, I didn't notice them (because I was looking at the Xmas stuff), therefore I'm very glad you featured them by themselves! So pretty and ornate, I really do love them. You are just so good at finding freebies online and creating decor!

  2. Those are beautiful!!! What a lovely wall decoration.

  3. This is brilliant. Such a nice blog here. Love how you cleaned these images to make them your own and then used them as art! very fun. Thanks for stopping by the compai blog today and leaving such a sweet comment. Happpy 2011!


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