Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Petty projects and how to keep your zipper up

I know I've been missing in action lately. Sorry about that but we've had a hard drive that's been acting up (at least I think that's the name of the thingy) so I haven't been able to get my photos off the camera. Until now :) I have a few bigger projects in the pipeline which I hope to show you soon, but in the mean time I'll try to tie you over with some petty projects.

Henna pumpkin

Some friends of ours had a pumpkin carving party for Halloween, and while carving pumpkins is fun it's quite a bit of trouble for something that's going to rot in 2 days time...

So I decided to be different as usual and brought my white craft paint and a tooth pick. I freehanded this henna inspired pattern and applied it by dipping my tooth pick in the paint and "painting" it on with the tooth pick. Since the pumpkin wasn't harmed in the process it'll last me until Xmas if I feel like keeping it around for that long. I'm not that big on holiday decorating so I tend to lean towards stuff I can have up for a long time and this certainly fits the bill.

Zebra accent pillow

I made this little pillow from a mini skirt found at the thrift store. The pillow is honestly so tiny it barely qualifies as a pillow. But at least it adds a little zing to our living room and that brown chair.

The green ribbon I sewed on there adds a little modern pop of color.

It's a basic overlapping opening in the back (I can't remember what they're called now).

DIY tunic

This tunic was made from a patterned top found at the thrift store. It was a little too small for me with the waist riding up and the sleeves were a little too short.  So I cut the bottom and the sleeves off of one of my husband's old work t-shirts and grafted them on. And added a little rolled up flower to the collar.

Keep your zipper up

Have you ever bought a great pair of jeans at the thrift store only to realize the first time you wear them that the stupid zipper won't stay up? It's happened to me with new, new-to-me and old favorite pants and since I'm not a big fan of flashing my panties I came up with a solution. 

Fishing line! I'll show you the process with a piece of string, hoping that will be easier to see.

Cut a loop of your fishing line, about double the distance between your button and that little hole in the zipper "handle".

Tie the ends so you have a loop.

Thread one end of the loop through the hole in your zipper "handle".....

.... and pull the other end of the loop through it (I think it's some version of a lark's head knot, it's basically looped around itself and thus firmly attached). Pull it tight so it'll stay in place.

Here's what it looks like on my pants. Zip up, hook the loop over the button and button your pants as usual. That zipper won't be going anywhere anytime soon :)

When buttoned it's virtually invisible and it's very easy to just slide the fishing line off the button when it's time to un-zip. The fishing line is fine for years on there and won't come loose, you can wash and dry them as usual without any problems and since it's so inexpensive you can have one on every pair of pants you own (provided they close with a button and zipper, of course..).

Anyway, that's it for today and I hope to be back with some more stuff next week. Ta-da! :)

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  1. Great tip on the zipper! I am highlighting this at

  2. Great tip on the sliding zipper! I do have a pair I love but don't wear because of the dang zipper! Now I can wear them again!



  3. Love all these! The pumpkin is truly gorgeous. I love the shirt makeover, the bell sleeves are really, really cute! If this is your idea of petty, please post more pettiness!

  4. That thing with the zipper was ingenious, dear Sis! :D
    /Brother T.

  5. Hey, got another thought...
    Hook me up with a nice Tie-rack (as in used for haning my precious ties) and mail it over back home, Sis! :P


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