Monday, November 29, 2010

Joy to the world... (and me, me, me)

... the Christmas decor is up!

To be honest it's been up for almost two weeks already but since I knew the rest of you had your hands full with Thanksgiving and whatnot I figured I'd wait until Xmas stuff was kosher. I'm not a huge fan of holiday decorating since it's a lot of trouble for something that comes down almost immediately. Xmas stuff stays up for over a month so I do some of that, and here's what it looks like (I've mostly decorated in the living room so that's all you'll see here).

View of one side of the room.

View of the opposite side. Don't mind the writing on the mantle, it's supposed to be a Bible verse when it's done but I'm starting to wonder if it'll all fit and since I haven't won any of those Silhouette giveaways yet it's taking me FOREVER to do it the old fashioned way.

Since my place looks a little Xmasy all year long I haven't really done much. The stockings and the stocking holders is all I added to the mantle, the rest stays up all year long :)

I got inspired to rework an old fake garland into this wreath using a large thrift store wreath form, added some ornaments and a bow and done! I like the hefty size of it. FYI I did add a wreath to the outside entry but it's not done yet, hopefully more on that later.

My little black naked tree got a dose of Xmas. The flowers were there already and I added some bead garland, some purple ornaments and a couple of birds. The last ones just because, found them at Dollar Tree. Figured a tree needs a couple of birds. The lighting is hard in that corner or I would have gotten better pics.

And the little Xmas tree. Just a jumble of ornaments from previous years. It used to be only silver and purple but I discovered that with my new colorful color scheme in here the two-tone looked a little washed out in comparison :) So I had some gold and red added to the mix.

So a little bit of holiday feel without too much effort. I put some Xmas music on today while cleaning up the usual mess the kids create so I could take these pics, to try to get into the spirit :)

On a completely different note I'll show you some pics of me, before and after. I got myself a haircut about a week ago. I wanted a change and a recent video I was in for our church made me feel like I wanted to cover up more of my face. I used to do drastic changes to my hair before the kids but it's been growing wild for over 4 years now. This cut isn't very drastic but at least it's different.

Before. LONG.

The befores were taken right before I went to get it cut so it's still wet from the shower and thus flatter than usual.

After. About a foot shorter with bangs and layers. These pics were taken today, maybe because the weather was on the warmer side (winter cold makes me go into hibernation mode and I don't get much done) or because I finally found a hairdo that I really like for this new cut? Either way, I snapped away.

Um, I'm sharper IRL, by the way :)

It took me a while to get used to this new hairdo. At first I felt it just made me look more like the frumpy housewife I am. I cut another inch off the bangs on my own (the result is what you see in these pics) and after that was done it felt a little edgier and more me.

Snapping away with the camera, trying to look good :) And I think I'm becoming more and more like my husband because some of his silliness is certainly wearing off on me...

I guess it could illustrate my first reaction after the cut? :)

Later I let my hair down and this is what it looks like.

On the plus side for the new look I do use a lot less shampoo, and covering the grays should be cheaper. I just wish I could re-shoot that video too....

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  1. Love the decorations and LOVE the new do! Did you donate what you cut off by chance? Nothing perks us up like a new look.

  2. Your Christmas decor looks just right! I love your new hair cut I think it is very flattering!

  3. Momma, I didn't donate it. The thought did occur to me but from what I've heard it needs to be longer than what I had to spare. I never actually looked it up so maybe I was wrong? I would have loved to donate my hair, need to look that up for next time I'm going from long to short(er).
    Thanks for liking the change, gals :)

  4. Everything in the room looks adorbs, perfectly and seamlessly matched with the decor. Frumpy housewife? No way! I definitely like the edgy short bangs.


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