Thursday, October 14, 2010

The simplicity of glass

I'm not sure why but the last few years I've had this thing for glass containers. Especially the tall, curvy kind. So whenever I see something like that at the thrift stores I'll snag it up and my collection is growing. I'll only show you a few today because the majority still don't have a specific purpose (they're part of that work in progress I mentioned last week).

What I especially like using them for these days is to plant flowers, or in my case green plants (I love flowers but for some reason the stuff that's easy to keep alive indoors look kind of "granny" to me so I stick to the green stuff for the most part).

It started with this.

I found this perfect container to start my first (and only so far, but I want more!) terrarium. I planted it almost 2 years ago and I haven't touched it since except for dusting it now and then and mist some more water in there on occasion. And the little ivy seems to like it in there with it's pagoda (old tea light holder from the thrift store) and magical purple stone.

The terrarium lives on the mantle because of the sticky-fingered people but it was originally intended for the coffee table (I know, a girl can dream, can't she? I decided it was best to deal with reality once I saw what they were doing with my precious terrarium).

The ivy was a little too big when it was time to plant so I divided it. The smaller part went into the terrarium and the leftovers were planted in a glass vase. I've already had to upgrade it to a bigger vase once because it really likes it in this window.

It's reaching for the sun like a ballerina, clinging to the circle trellis I made out of a wire hanger.

Here's what I love about planting in glass containers. The glass is classic, elegant and sparkly and the visible dirt is earthy and grounding. I just love that combination, especially with masses of greenery spilling out at the top :)

There's no drainage holes in glass which I've been able to mostly work around. It seems to me you don't have to water your plants quite as often since the moisture stays put. When I do water them I can see through the glass how much water they get and I try to not overdo it since it's hard to get the water back out once it's in. I miss it every so often but the plants I have are the ones that have gotten used to the abuse and live on in spite of it.

Ferns are good because they like it wet to begin with but if you go too far between waterings you can just trim off the nasty yellow bits.

This poor little guy is still hanging in there despite the torture I put him through. He needs a bigger container and I'm still looking for the perfect one (he's planted in a Dollar tree vase placed on an upside down thrift store vase for a pedestal). It doesn't help his case that he's in a neglected part of our dining room so he goes from bone dry to sopping wet and back again. He got a quick hair cut right before I snapped this pic to get rid of the yellow strands.

So when you give a fern a hair cut you end up with stubby ends like above. When your visitors come by that is a sure sign to them that you've been abusing your plants. To cover this up I also snip the ends into an arrow to mimic the look of an untouched leaf and then sit back to leap up the praise for taking such good care of my plants :) (Not with this guy, I should hide him when we have people over until he recovers or dies).

This one I newly replanted in this curvy glass container.

You can see the yellow ugliness which is a result of too much water last time around... So I'll have to give this one a hair cut too one of these days. Sigh.

But the curvy glass pot looks good no matter what :) And I guess you can see me in there too if you look closely enough, oops. Curves and all :)

Of course you can use your pretty glass containers for the tried and true storage.  This trio can be found in our bathroom.

And if you simply don't like the look of plain glass you can always dress it up a bit.

Here white glue and twine cover up most of this glass vase.

And for the exotic minded.

A glass bowl and vase covered in white glue and glitter. Every morning when the sun hits the bowl a myriad of stars cover our bedroom wall and ceiling. Quite a nice way to wake up :)

Glass is inexpensive (at least at the thrift stores) and simple and yet so versatile. Which of these looks/uses do you like best? And do you have a unique use for your glass containers that the rest of us would be interested in? Do share!

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  1. I like the terrarium best. They are all creative and beautiful! Thanks for sharing~

  2. Earthy and grounded! Love that line!

    I have some cacti and succulents growing in a glass container on my kitchen windows-sill and I love watching the root development and how the soil changes through time. Educational for adults and children in addition to looking cool!

    My Great Aunt grew all her plants in water. That right, water, no dirt. Have no idea how she did it, but it worked for her.

    Keep up the good work Titti, I love checking out what you have done. Have a great day!


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