Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More arches - bedroom this time

We got back from a mini camping vacation a few days ago. I would say I'm refreshed but I'm not so sure :) Loved being in nature by the water and sleeping in a tent. Trying to keep the kids entertained/contained/alive - not so lovely.

I wish they would have a fenced off area where you can let them roam free without worrying about them getting out/getting hurt, like they have in dog parks, so I could actually sit down and enjoy myself for a while. As it were they saw the water - "let's go swimming, who cares that we can't swim" and they saw the playground - "let's play, never mind the cars passing between the tent and the playground". And it's our job as parents to try to keep these death defying youngsters alive AND entertained. One usually excludes the other. So either the parent is bored keeping them safe or the kids are bored obeying their parents. Thus my wishing for that doggie park area which is safe AND fun.

And upon returning home our place still looked like a hurricane had come through (the aftermath of packing for a trip with kids around) and somehow managed to get even worse with all the luggage, dirty laundry etc. Luckily we're having people over this weekend so it'll get cleaned up soon :) I need strong motivators like that to do some serious cleaning up.

Anyway. I made some more of those Moroccan window arches, slightly different this time, using a plain wooden trellis from Lowes. Cost about $13 for one trellis. I think it would have been nicer to use two trellises, one for each window, so I could have gone a little bigger and been more extravagant. But in the name of cheapness I went with one for both windows.

Still turned out pretty well. I'm not 100% happy with it but for the money spent it's good enough. By the way, these pics are kind of washed out looking because I had to lighten them after the fact (not to mention the walls are white but they will be a greyish purple when I'm done). But at least you can see what I took a picture of and you wouldn't have unless I'd doctored them a bit :)

Here are the befores. I do intend to do something about those upside down blinds, they're on the to-do list which is about a mile long :)

I must admit that I have very few during pics this time because I was hurrying through this project trying to get it done. It seems almost impossible to get my crafting time in lately.

So anyway. The lattice screen was cut in two pieces, about 2/3 of it for the big window behind the bed and the remaining third for the side window. I had to adjust them a little bit, cutting some off of the bigger one and adding some pieces to the smaller one to make them about the same height. And cutting out the arches of course.

Here I'm grafting on the lowest diamond to the side window screen with the help of my stapler (not pictured).

I also added a "frame" to the lattices by adding little leftover pieces along the edges and stapling them on. The cutting was all done with my little jig saw, worked just fine. And I colorwashed the wood with some acrylic Burnt Umber craft paint to make them dark. The inside arch needed some definition so I hotglued on some ribbon.

The arches are so lightweight I could just hang them from two nails above the window. The pic above is without the ribbon and the below afters are with the ribbon (you can barely tell a difference in daylight). I love the ribbon but a solid ribbon would have worked better than this sheer one. Don't feel like redoing it so it'll have to do for now.

I even made the bed before taking these pics :) I'm so proud of myself!

Details of the ribbon.

The ribbon is a Christmas ribbon I found at Garden Ridge for $4 for 10 yards. Not bad.

So what do you think?

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  1. This is beautiful! I want to start doing larger projects like this, but have no power tools.

    What would you say are the essentials for being able to do larger projects like this?

  2. Wow! What a wonderful idea. I love this look, it is totally unique!

  3. Witless - Can't say I'm an expert on power tools since I don't actually have that many but the ones I have can usually do double duty or are ones I thought I would use a lot. I love my little jig saw, it was maybe $20 at Walmart and it cuts curves - love curves! It can make straight cuts which I've used it for many times (until recently it was my only saw). And I think anyone would use a power drill sooner or later. A power sander saves you a lot of time but it's not necessary. Other than that I just have my hammer, screw drivers and pliers :) Roughing it so to speak :)

  4. Ooh, beautiful! The ribbon really finishes it off, such a great and easy way to complete the arch. The whole look is so exotic. Also, I'm very honored that you made the bed for us.

  5. What a great detail and so inexpensive! Thanks for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.

  6. I found you while searching out some candelebra inspiration with old wood. I so do like the look of those arches & your fridge! I am so stealing, I mean copying, the project for our oh so eye catching almond color fridge. I will be back for more inspiration & to enjoy the great ideas!


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