Friday, October 8, 2010

The decorating domino effect

So we (read I) are slowly getting used to our new routines. Nowadays with my husband's new work and schedule I get to put the kids to bed all on my own every night Monday through Friday complete with total screaming fits over teeth getting brushed while before I had every other day "off". So I do feel like I have less time or at least less energy left for crafting at the end of the day. But I'm getting used to it and the plus side is I now have the weekends "off" :) Nothing like blocking out the tooth brushing screams and bury your nose in craft stuff knowing you have all evening to yourself :) Aaah...

But does the decorating domino effect ever happen to you? It happens to me all the time. The story goes a little like this.

I bring home another treasure and I'm completely in love with it. Have absolutely no idea where it's supposed to go but I block that out of my mind for now. This time it was a gorgeous concrete table base that I got off of Craigslist for $0!!!

It weighs about a million pounds and already has this wonderfully worn patina with layers of peeling paint. Gorgeous! And did I mention free?

I don't want to "waste" the beauty by putting it in the garden so I stick it in our little pass-through hallway. So it has this piece of rebar sticking up at the top where the table top used to go which leads me to the next domino. Come up with something to cover up the rebar and make the stand useful for something.

I love these glass bowls/pots because of the curvy substantialness of them. I find them at the thrift store for a few dollars a piece.

This time I tried something new - Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint. Just a few light coats on the inside of the bowl. And voila!

Add to the pedestal (no more rebar!) and top it with this fake fern I stole from ontop of our fridge. No real plant can survive in this hallway so fake it is.

(Yes Nita, I'm fully clothed and I take blurry pics to further protect myself :)).

Aah, yes! Perfection. Now it almost looks like the hallway is decorated :)

The next domino has fallen, though. Did you notice? The fern I stole from ontop of the fridge. It left a big hole so now I have to come up with something to fill that gap.

This is the only before of the fridge I could find, it was also my safe place to store various crafting supplies where the kids couldn't get to them. Ideally I would put a pretty parasol in that corner but I didn't have a parasol so I decided to make one.

Took a Dollar Tree umbrella and broke off all the "spokes" at the first "knuckle", trimmed the fabric and hot-glue-hemmed it. Some tissue modpodging, a coat of have-on-hand white and some freehand henna painting in blue later this is what I ended up with. Not really too happy with how it turned out but it was almost free and it's better than a big white hole. Besides it's not going to be that visible.

It fits just fine in that corner.

Next I needed a big graphic textural element (domino # ???). Enter the giant paper mache S from Joann's ($10).

After a date with some Elmer's glue and two bags of moss from the Dollar Tree store it looks pretty cool. The size is just right, but it sheds like crazy (pardon the droppings). No-one's going to see it though unless they have a neck like a giraffe.

The dominos are falling fast now. An old thrift store decoration, some books off the bookshelf covered in some old pretty wrapping paper. A gorgeous plate and a couple of candle sticks.

The hole has been covered and it looks pretty good, at least better than before. But it's all a work in progress so it'll probably change.

The plate(s) weren't supposed to be. I fell in love at Hobby Lobby while running around looking for the Looking glass spray paint and the giant S. They had them in several gorgeous colors and this turquoisey green was the only one that worked with my kitchen/dining room color scheme. So I got three, originally $1.99 each but I got 10% off because they all had nicks in the finish which doesn't really bother me but made for a better price. And I needed some stands to display the plates so I got those at the Dollar Tree store.

The two extra plates had to go in the kitchen where the cupboards looked like this before the dominoes started falling. Random storage space.

And the after.  Nice pop of turquoise :) We don't drink wine but I liked the curly-cues of this wine stand, it's just for decoration.

So, anyway. One gorgeous find leads to another and before you know it dominoes are falling all around you. Does that ever happen to you? It happens all the time here :) I don't mind it, things always end up looking better because of it. But it's funny how things happen that I hadn't even thought about fixing before that first domino fell. And I always end up thinking "why didn't I think of doing that before?".

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  1. Whew! What an epic! I totally do the domino thing, too - in quite a few areas of my life, not just decorating. This post is fantastic and cracked me up. Any chance of a tutorial on the umbrella??!! I just love it to pieces and didn't quite understand your brief explanation. Did you mod podge tissue all over it, then paint on top of that? Oh - the first domino table base is gorgeous - can't believe it cost $0!

  2. I feel like my life is a domino yes, I feel your 'pain' but I love what you've done!!

  3. Mich, if I'd been happier with the parasol I'd have given you a whole post with a proper tutorial :) But yes, first I modpodged white tissue over the surface thinking it was going to turn white - didn't happen. At least not with just one layer of tissue and I didn't have the patience to do another 2 or 11 layers. So I painted it white instead, much faster even though not the same end effect :)So I would say the tissue is highly optional unless you're looking for texture. If you're just changing the color then just go straight for the paint. Clear enough? :)

  4. I love it. I totally do domino decorating! Great read!

  5. This ALWAYS happens to me when crafting, sewing, decorating, renovating, and cleaning:) You did good!

    I'm going to work on my fridge-top this weekend after I've seen what you have done with yours. Even if you are not completely pleased, it's still better than the gaping hole, and I like it.

    Suggestions if you'd like: when I worked with moss, I sprayed a glue or shellac to help keep the droppings to a minimum. If the shellac made it too shiny, I'd give it a "dusting" of moss coloured paint to take down the shine. Oh and about the empty wine rack, even though I like it empty, you could use "kid's wine", a sparkling juice in the bottle, to fill up a couple spaces.

  6. oh, that fridge! I'm going to have to search your posts to get the scoop on that! I'm a first time visitor. I think I'll be here for a while...


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