Monday, September 6, 2010

Seahorses at play

I did mention a while ago that the theme for the kids' room is going to be beachy/underwater, preferrably with a more sophisticated look than your average kid's room. Something they can grow in without me having to change stuff all the time. We'll see if I actually manage to see that all the way through :)

So I put the faux capiz shell chandelier up to start off the theme and now I've added to it with some super cute seahorse silhouettes on the cheapo roller blinds. Contact paper seahorses.

I got the inspiration for this when I saw a pic on a blog of two huge yellow seahorse silhouette canvases flanking a window (on some Nordic blog, but of course this was months ago and I can't find it since I don't know where I saw it... The story of my life. ).

Anyway, I google searched "seahorse silhouette" images and found this one that I liked.

It's a tiny pic so it's a little blurry. I played with it in Photoshop and this is what it looked like when I was done.

Perfect! With the help of my new love PosteRazor I then blew it up to the size I needed it to be. I like to have my images traced like the one above before I start printing stuff on the printer to save on ink, if all I'm after is the shape then no need for it to be all filled in with black.

My contact paper roll is 18" wide so I made sure to stay within that measurement and since this little seahorse guy was so tall and skinny I had no problems with that. I made him as fat as possible but he still had to fit the height of the window and the width of the contact paper. Whatever works, right?

So after printing I pieced him together and cut him out. And then I traced him onto the back of the contact paper, two times facing one way and two times flipped over to face the other way. Here I am in the process of tracing.

I secured the little dude with painters tape while I was doing this so he would stay in place, that's what those blue blobs are (there's two blue blobs on his backside too but you can't see it in this pic).

So I took the blinds down one at a time to try to stick the little horsies on there. I must admit that it was trickier to get these on smoothly than it was working on my fridge, there's a definite technique to this. I found that if I just peeled the backing off on one end to start with and inch by inch smoothed and peeled my way across then it worked pretty well. I had to pull them up here and there to re-apply a section or two but I got the hang of it pretty fast.

Here are the before pics taken from the doorway of their room. (Warning! Completely uncensored pics below, no cleaning was done prior to picture snapping. Hold on to your tidy hats!)

White, white and blah, blah. And after!

Ooh, aren't they just too cute? Now our kids will have their own little herd (?) of friendly seahorses playing on their windows at night. Our oldest was all excited about them because she knows all about seahorses, well, as much as you learn from watching SpongeBob at least :) There's this one episode where SpongeBob becomes the owner of a seahorse he calls Mystery. Turns out Mystery is a hungry little creature so SpongeBob has to let her go, she's a wild animal after all. I won't spoil any more of that story in case you had it Tivoed :)

So basically I've made my kids think I've brought SpongeBob into their room and all I did was put stylish seahorses in there. Pretty smart if you ask me :)

The ONLY problem with these little horsies is that they only come out to play at night, which is too bad since they're so cool. In fact, right after I put them on the blinds I opened them for the day and 10 minutes later our oldest had pulled them down again so she could enjoy the little seahorses... I've got a feeling those blinds will be down more often from now on.

As you can see I leaned the silhouettes a little bit so they would look like they do when they swim. I eyeballed it so it was pure luck it turned out as uniformely as it did. I did measure 10" up from the bottom of the blind to the tail so they would be at the same height (can you believe I actually measured something for once? :)). And more color will be added to this room as I go, our poor kids aren't going to live in blah-blah-land forever. I could have made these silhouettes more colorful but black is what I had on hand and it's classic (therefore more polished looking :)).

So what do you guys think? Will you try something similar? 

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  1. Just wanted to say this is so adorable! We live in a rental house so we can't do much to the walls, so I love this!

    Every time I see a post I get itching to work on one of my craft projects. I'm currently gathering supplies to decoupage the top of a really large dining room table. Are there any words of advice?

  2. Witless - decoupaging is fun and easy but I would suggest to do a test run on foam board or a scrap of wood so you know how your materials behave before you do the real thing. And be sure to put a lot of polyurethane on top when you're done because table tops do get a lot of wear. Other than that - have fun! :)

  3. This is CRAZY FANTASTIC!!! What a great tutorial with all the steps - you are amazing. This is the most unique decor idea ever, it's so beautiful and impressive. I am in shock and awe!

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  5. Very neat! I assume the blinds are plastic?! And do they roll up and down without having the horses being peeled off over time, I wonder!?

  6. Maya, the blinds are the cheapest plastic (vinyl) out there :) As for what might happen over time, well only time will tell I guess. The horses have been up for over a week and there's no wear as of yet and the function of the blinds has not been affected by the silhouettes. Hopefully it'll stay that way :)

  7. Loving this!! You're so creative! I'm happy to be your newest follower of your delightful blog and I'd love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou Decor! I'd also like to invite you to link your sweet creations up at my Fabulous Friday Finds party! Hope to see you there!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~


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