Friday, September 24, 2010

Life events and candelabra

Ok, all you dudes and dudettes out there! We've had a very interesting couple of weeks around here. I'll give you a brief run-down of the events that have caused me to be missing in action (more than normal :)).

First my husband got laid off a couple of weeks ago, effective immediately. Oops, there went our income... After the initial chock we decided not to freak out but trust our God to take care of us no matter what the circumstances looked like. My husband upped the job search intensity (he's been looking for something else for a couple of years but nothing ever came of it) but other than that we walked in faith.

Through some miraculous events and contacts made some 20 years ago he had an interview a week after he got laid off, everything clicked and he was asked to start the following Monday :) And this wasn't any ho-hum job either. This is his dream job at a dream company in his field, something he's been trying to land for years and not succeeded. It's a very tight-knit field and you can basically only get in on contacts no matter how qualified your are.

So we feel like we just won the lottery (minus the money :) but the money's really not the important thing for us, there are definite possibilities for the future with this job though).  But he's been working hard for not a lot of appreciation for years and now he's at a company that pampers their employees in a way that's unheard of, like working at Google. And it's all thanks to God's grace and provision!

Going from life as normal to lay-off to dream job employed in 8 days straight has been an interesting experience to say the least. So yes, I have been distracted from my normal crafty endeavors and therefore have very little to show for my time. I did whip up a thrift store candelabra a while ago so that's what I'll show you today. It will probably take me a few weeks to get back to normal around here so don't fear if I'm kind of quiet for some weeks. I need the daily drudgery to come up with my funky ideas and then some time to implement the ideas, write them up and then show you and right now I'm hopelessly behind. Anyway, here goes.

I started out with two components. Your standard brass builder's chandelier from the thrift store, bought for about $15.

This pic was taken in mid-process per my usual (unintentional, mind you) modus operandi... I removed all the wiring and the little bulb-holder-thingies along with their sleeves, and then more or less re-assembled the whole thing again. I altered the sequence of some parts and I removed the very bottom part, the loop.

The other ingredient, an outdated floor lamp bought at the thrift store for $10.

I removed the top part of this one and then attached the chandelier on top, using the existing parts from both items. And this is what I ended up with.

The chandelier and the stand have different colors and I was going to spray paint it silver to unify the two. Someone thought that would be a shame so I'm holding off on that for now while I ponder my options.

I also manhandled the chandelier part by bending the arms in closer to the middle to make it look more compact and candelabra like instead of just a chandelier stuck on a stand. The little cups on each arm are the perfect size for tea lights and this is what it looks like at night.

Of course taller candles would be the most elegant looking but I'm basically pushing my luck just attempting puny tea lights with the kids around. I sure don't want to see it all go up in flames...

So what do you think? Too funky? And what about the color? Brass is very unpopular now I know but it fits my Indian/Moroccan theme while silver would definitely up the glam. Brass, silver or something else? Of course, if you're going to use this for Halloween only then black would be fitting but I was actually going to try to keep this around all year :) Take care, you guys!

Update. Let me also add that this candelabra was not my original idea, I saw it in a library book years ago and only now got around to doing it myself. But it is nonetheless a cool idea. 

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  1. Isn't God good! He always has things under control even when we can't make sense of it ourselves~ beautiful story!Love your lamp, very creative! Oh yeah and anything but shiny brass in my opinion!

  2. I am in love with the new candelabra! I would for sure paint it. And I love your faith in God. We've been in your situation more than once and he always sees us through.

  3. What a great project, and not only that, but as I'm looking at your new light, I'm looking in the background and I see a wall I love, pictures that I adore. I didn't even read the post -- I had to quickly come down here and tell you that I'm so eager to follow you. I invite you to follow me and do likewise!

  4. Now I've read the post! Praise God. Isn't it amazing how He works to bring it all together for us? As you know, there are no coincidences, and this was God's plan. I'm happy for you and your family.

    I would paint the candelabra, but I would paint it a funky color -- a color I pulled from one of those fabulous pictures behind your sofa (either the orangish/red, teal, or perhaps even black to balance out the black pottery and branches on the other side of the sofa).

    What a happy post!

  5. What a blessing that your husband got a wonderful job so soon. Your light is very cool. ORB paint would look nice. I'm picturing pumpkins on each one of those arms, too. :)

  6. Wow, what a roller coaster. Life is always foiling our expectations. So happy your hubby got something so wonderful. I really like this candelabra with the tea lights - I don't think tall candles would be better, this is so cute!

  7. Great ideal, your candelabra looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


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