Monday, August 30, 2010

Petty projects

It's time for another petty projects round-up! For those of you that are new to the concept of petty projects - they're those projects that are small/easy enough to not really need a tutorial or that are copycat projects where I can easily link to someone else's tutorial. And occasionally I'll throw in some other things as well, just depends on what I've been up to :)

Earring holder

I found an empty gold-colored frame by the curb and decided it would work perfectly as an earring holder. I had a super pretty dress found at a garage sale a few years back for a few dollars that wasn't my size and dry clean only to boot, but this was the perfect thing to use it for. Here's the before.

I cut up the dress and the lining and stapled the fabric and then the lining onto the frame (I didn't want the wall to shine through the fabric since it's full of holes). Now I have functional wall art in my bedroom.

Isn't that fabric just the coolest? :)

Tree sculpture

Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago about this black tree sculpture in our living room.

I hauled home a huge and heavy tree limb cutting that one of our neighbors had left on the curb (can you see a theme here? The lady with the two kids in tow hauling this and that off of people's curbs? :) But hey, it works for me.)

I took said tree limb, stuck it in a bucket that I had previously sprayed with non-stick cooking spray (it works!), poured some concrete in there and let it sit in the garage a few days to harden.

I yanked on the tree, my husband yanked on the bucket and out came the tree with a nice little concrete foot. For drama I painted it with that black semi-gloss outdoor paint I've used a lot lately. And I also measured and trimmed all branches to get a custom fit for it all between the pedestal and ceiling. I wanted the tree to be as big as possible in the space, big is better for drama :)

The tree alone seemed a little stark, like something out of a Hitchcock movie. I probably will add stuff to the tree according to the seasons, at least when I feel like it. But for now I decided to make some flowers out of Dollar Tree rose petals and chandelier prisms found at the Habitat store for next to nothing.

I roughly followed the instructions here to make these flowers (I actually followed someone else's instructions but I couldn't find them now and the process is the same) but I just used the pre-made petals instead of making my own. And I coffee-dyed them to make them look more vintage as well as add a clear glass gem in the center (I don't know what they're called but they're at the Dollar Tree store all the time). I put a safety pin on the back of each flower and hung the chandelier prisms from there and then added some wire to attach them to the tree.

I think these vintage looking flowers would make great wedding decor, they're kind of romantic looking :)

Exotic frame

I found this one at the Habitat for $5 and I like the zebra looking pattern on it.


And a close-up.

I will fill it with something but while I'm waiting on the filling it looks pretty good on it's own.

That's all for today, folks!

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  1. That fabric framed is a great idea for decor.

    I love seeing all these projects that you have done with found objects:)

  2. Hi, Titti! I do love the fabric on the earring holder - it's so intricate. And so perfect for this project. And I love the long dangles from your big flowers! Not petty at all.


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