Friday, August 6, 2010

The green room - color shy people avert your eyes!

I've been busy painting again. Our living room this time and I've been doing one wall at a time over about a month's time, whenever I could find the time and energy :)

The color is Behr's Citron, a color I "test drove" a couple of years ago in a temporary living situation and loved so much I used it again here. It's the top color on the strip below (the color may not be completely accurate since this is a screen dump pic for lack of other pictures).

It's a nice and bright yellow-green but it's not bright enough for your eyes to hurt :) It's a lot more daring than what most people would go for but we love it! Mind you, I'm pairing it with a lot of neutrals but will also add plenty of colorful accents throughout the room (that will be a later chapter of the story. Curtains, pillows and other accents in the pics below are still temporary for the most part).

So here's where we're at at the moment. I'll give you the tour of the room starting in the doorway from our dining room overlooking the living room, going in the clockwise direction.

So what do you think? "Too much color" for your taste or "kinda' cool"? :)

Here are a couple of befores (one got censored because the naked people were roaming free at the time I was snapping pics).

And the after again :)

Ahh, so much better!

I can add too that I didn't just roll the paint on here. I diluted it a little bit with water (3 parts paint to 2 parts water) and rubbed it on with a rag so the original off-white is shining through in some places. Also, since I got the paint in semi-gloss the faux finish makes the walls very varied, where the paint is on thick it's a little shiny and in other areas it's completely matte. Gives subtle variation to the walls but it's not really visible unless you really look for it for the most part. It's not distracting is what I'm trying to get at.
And it's a GREAT way to save on paint! I only ended up using about 1/3 of the gallon of paint I got and normally a gallon probably would not have been enough to cover this whole room when painting the traditional way. So now I have some green paint to play with for other projects (play house - here I come!).

So. The future plans for this room include a brown and gold floor cloth, orange and beige curtains, pillows in blue/orange/green/red, slipcovers for the ottoman (red I think) and the chair in the middle of the room (blue? Haven't quite decided but these things usually work themselves out as I go). So much to do still, but I'm happy with what we have so far.

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  1. Love the color! I think it's perfect! I also love your money saving idea with the paint. I thought about trying something like that, but was a little afraid of how it would look. Now I looks great! :o)

  2. I love the room and color! Did you do the fireplace? Do you have the tutorial? Where did you get the tree branch sculpture? love it!

  3. Anonymous - I'm glad you like my place! I did not do the fireplace, some previous owner did and they did a good job on the design :) So I don't have a tutorial for it, sorry.
    I did make the tree branch sculpture and will give some details in a future post but it's a large branch cut to size that I stuck in a bucket and poured cement in. When dry I removed the bucket and painted everything black. It will get some kind of decorations eventually so stay tuned :)

  4. Very, very cool! I just painted my living and dining rooms a fresh granny smith apple green, and I wanted to checkout how you decorated your space to get some inspiration and ideas. I'm glad I came over! Nice place. I think I'll stay and follow.
    Good job!

  5. I love the color! I also love your window fittings!

  6. I absolutely love that you aren't afraid of color. It makes such a statement! = )

    Also, fabulous job on the capiz DIY! That's so impressive!

  7. I think it was the perfect touch to lighten the room. The "after" picture speaks for itself! Great color choice :)

  8. I'm seriously considering this color for my bathroom. That's how I found your blog. I wanted to see rooms done in it. In my lighting it's green tinged yellow rather than yellow-green. I love it, but I'm afraid it's a bit TOO much, and I'm also dying to use Behr's Sweet Rhapsody, a gorgeous green color somewhere but the only rooms left unpainted are my bedroom(where it'd be too similar to the dresser paint color) and my kitchen(neh.).

  9. The before and after photos provide a stunning contrast. For your first photo with the green room, I thought I was looking at a professionally decorated/painted room from a magazine - a photo you were using to show your inspiration. What kind of camera/settings are you using for the photos? Is photography one of your many talents?

  10. Annette - thank you for the compliments! For anyone who's been reading along here for a while it's no news that I'm not your greatest photographer (blurry, dark pics ring a bell, anyone?). I use a small digital camera, think it's referred to as a "point and shoot", it's a few years old, has been dropped numerous times and the setting would be "auto". Along the way I've picked up some pointers on how to get better so these days I try to get a lot of natural and artificial (turning all lights on in the room) light before I snap away and I don't use the flash unless the light conditions are twisting my arm. I've learned how to brighten and color correct pics in Photoshop as well which has helped immensely.
    These pics above were taken before I started messing with Photoshop, I guess I just got lucky with the right amount of natural light. I guess it just proves that anyone can take good pics when all the stars align :)

  11. I have only been following your posts for a short while, but I have to say that I love your innovation and creativity. The lines you've used in your living room are great. I love the Moroccan style, and how you're basically fearless in your use of colors to achieve it.


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