Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Petty projects

Another round of petty projects from the last month or so for you guys. I do apologize in advance for the lousy, blurry, generally unprofessional pictures you're about to see but keep in mind they're mainly there for informational purposes. Besides, lousy pics are almost a trademark for me by now, don't you think? :)Just take my word for it - they look a lot better in person than in my pics :)

Toilet paper wall art

I was inspired by the How-To Gal on this one, but I like to put my own twist on things so my stuff came out looking like fruit instead.

Some spray paint later they were oil rubbed bronze colored and I decided to put them over our front door to fill out that awkward gap between the curtain holders.

Pineapple is supposed to symbolize hospitality and apples prosperity, yeah, that works! :)

Milk jug tag glass markers

It must have been the pineapples that inspired us to become very social and hospitable lately. We've started a scheduled party twice a month at our place, just to make sure our friends who like to plan their schedules weeks and months ahead of time can pen us in and we can feel like we're getting a group together on short notice. It's just starting out but we're eventually expecting a pretty large group of singles, couples and loads of kids to show up so I realized we needed a way for people to tell their glass apart from all the others'.

I was already in the milk jug mode because of the chandelier and decided to try it out. Cut one jug apart and into tag shapes, punched a hole and strung a rubber band through. I got about 30 tags or so out of that one jug. Should be enough for now at least.

So the guest puts his or her name on the tag with a dry-erase pen and when the evening is over it wipes right off. There is a slight texture on some parts of the tags but with a little water it still wipes right off. Pretty convenient if not the most aesthetical solution. It could be prettified by adding a jump ring with a couple of beads to the tag as well as using different colored rubber bands. But in this case I didn't want to spend any money so this is what I had on hand. And it works!

Drop cloth outdoor curtains

I've been wanting curtains on our back patio for the longest time since it's impossible to sit out there when the sun is out, 1-8pm it's like sitting in a frying pan. I've got part of the curtains up the other day but I still have three more to go in order for us to be able to use the patio. We're thinking that our bi-weekly party should be able to spill over into the backyard when our house gets too crowded. Here's what it looks like right now.

The plan is to put another panel in the middle of these two as well as one each on the adjoining sides of the rectangular patio, one for sun protection (see, the sun is still on that table? It needs to be shaded) and the other one for symmetry and coziness.

I was looking for 6x9' drop cloths at Lowe's but they were out of that size at the time of my visit so I just got a 9x12' one instead and cut it in half and hemmed the edges and then sewed a.. gusset? Is that the word I'm looking for? Anyway, a channel for me to put a rod through to hang the curtain. It's not gusset, folks, I just googled it and that's not it. I have no idea what the word for it is but you probably get the idea here.

As you can see I hung them from clothes line for now. I don't expect that to be a permanent solution but it was a cost effective way of getting the job done while I think of a cheap and good way of solving this little problem. 

I just put up one eye bolt on each side and strung the rope between (supported by a nail and a large cup hook in the middle). I plan on taking the curtains down about once a month to wash so the way I did this was to make a loop on one end of the rope, string it through the eye bolt and insert an open chain link as a pin to make sure it stays in place despite wind. But it's still easy for me to remove the chain link and get all the curtains down when I need to.

That's what I've been up to lately :) No vacation here. I hope you guys are all taking long trips to exotic places and enjoying your time off, though :)

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