Saturday, July 10, 2010

Painting, painting and more painting

Isn't this wonderfully beautiful and exotic looking? I stumbled upon this pic the other day and just wanted to share it with you, how's that for a great vacation, huh? It's Taprobane Island in Sri Lanka and you can read more about it here, as well as see more pics from the island.

Ok, back to American suburbia. Now, I told you back here that I had found red paint at our Habitat store. I went back to pick up a gallon of black semi-gloss exterior paint as well for the same great price of $10 a gallon. And with all this luscious paint on my hands my little brain started plotting.

First I attacked the old lampposts out front. They apparently haven't worked in the last 30 years but I have plans to train vines on them so they get to stay. But they needed some paint and this is what happened.

They used to look like this.

Peeling black on top, rust stained white on the bottom. I felt the need to dress them up a bit by painting them all black. I got lazy so I haven't done anything about the peeling black top, I'll leave them be for a while and see if it works anyway. I am liking the more dignified look of all black, less cottage-y I know, but they have more class this way. They looked out of place being the only black metal objects around so I went ahead and painted the scroll-y support columns of the front porch as well.

I am definitely liking the contrasts of the black against the white and yellow. Before it was just too vanilla and uniform and it all blended together. I have in the past referred to these support columns as being the eye lashes of the house and without some mascara on there you just won't notice the eye which in this case is the front door.

So the door and the storm door were white, blah, blah and more blah and uninviting. With brass details.

So one day on a whim I decided to try some of my "Red Statement" paint on the front door, thinking that the worst that might happen would be that I would have to repaint it eventually if it didn't look good.

All the brass details got a lick of oil rubbed bronze spray paint. I couldn't get the thingies off the doors so I opted for spraying on a plastic lid and painting the stuff on with one of my kids' art brushes. Worked pretty well, at least well enough for me :)

If you look just inside the glass you can see that I out of pure laziness didn't paint the inside handle of the storm door since it'll barely be noticeable anyway. Too much trouble for not enough pay-back :) Same thing for the storm door kick plate.

The outside is a nice oil rubbed black :) and you'll only see the inside if you look down as you leave the house.

See the new entry mat I got at Lowe's for $13.

Much better, so stylish :)

Another note on the hardware. The lock set that was on the front door when we moved in was brushed nickle so a silvery color. The doorbell I got a while ago and the house numbers are an aged silver color, and with all the oil rubbed bronze (which really reads as black if you don't look to closely) all the metal/hardware around the front door is either silver or black. So in the same color family which works for me. Not too matchy-matchy but still cohesive.

So. What do you think? Am I getting closer to nice and inviting or am I just getting crazy with color? :)

I personally think that maybe the black support pillars and the lampposts lack a little bit of "context", I think I need at least one more thing in black metal to tie the whole thing together. I have a large medallion that will go on the front of the house eventually and with that up I think it'll look more finished. But I guess you'll have to keep up with my adventures to see the finished results when I get to them :)
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  2. wow it looks awesome! I love red front doors!

  3. Looks fabulous!! I love colored front doors!! Oh I wish my could be red!! (I have red brick, so it's blue. Still stylish but red is so much better.)

  4. You did a great job. There's no picture of the door colour with the shingles but I'm thinking the red tones blend well. And the black is a nice accent or finishing touch.

    I'm getting ready to do some painting myself. My husband wanted our red furniture in the main room and my pear green walls are now way too bright. I never thought I'd contemplate white walls until now...

  5. Red doors rock!! :D I so want one, but dh is adamant we never do anything that calls attention to our house, for neighborhood prowlers. Boo.


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