Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Front yard progress

I thought I'd give you all a little progress report on our front yard. I was going to include the back yard as well but um, it hasn't done as well for some reason and it just sort of looks the same or slightly different from last you saw it. We've had a 2 month drought and I mostly watered the front and not so much of the back...

I have put more of an effort into the front yard though because that's really the most important, being that is what most people will ever see of our house.

Here's where we started out this spring, with me having made all the markings for where the flowerbeds were going to go. Same spot before, during and after (from slightly different angles).

Still from the front porch but looking the other way.

Looks a lot better in the afters, don't you think? We love it, the front yard feel a lot more tucked away already and the wildflowers are beautiful. We have lots of butterflies visiting throughout the day, very fun to watch. Here's a close up of the flowers.

It's all very informal looking with all kinds of flowers but that's just how I want it.

And this is what the front of our house looked like before I started working on it. 

You can't see the invisible trellises I made on each side of that window but...

... you can see the Morning glory climbing on them in this pic.

This is my first summer trying my hand at gardening and as far as the front yard goes - so far so good. I already know I'll do some things different next year but I've gotten a good start at least.

The backyard isn't a complete failure, if I had been willing to put more time and effort into it it would have looked better today but, alas. Since I don't really enjoy the gardening by itself there's a limit to how much of that I'm willing to invest even for a great result. So I'm back on the computer looking for even more drought tolerant, hard to kill and self-sufficient plants for next time around :)
All those plants are pretty much labeled as invasive so who knows what this place will look like in a few years :)

I'm eagerly awaiting the fence we'll be putting up at the property line in the front yard, not sure now if it'll happen this summer or not. But when it's up the front yard is going to be so much cozier and tucked away, not to mention that it'll be harder for the kids to try to get themselves run over by a car.

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  1. i love to see something other than grass in a lawn and the curved wildflower bed is really lovely! nice job :D

  2. I still can't believe you have time for anything else when you're so busy polishing the Old Manor... :O
    Miss you, Systra Mi.

  3. Indeed! The front lawn does look livelier in the after pics. It's very nice. With a bit of work I'm sure the backyard will look just as fine as well.


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