Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The entryway saga continues..

Since I realize I left you on kind of a cliffhanger note with my entryway looking like this

on our last episode I am now happy to report that it's starting to shape up and look a little cozier.

I used my pennyroyal seedlings on one side of the planter and found a small star jasmine for the other side and this is what it looks like now.

They're both in full but very bright shade so I guess we'll see how they do in the long run. As of now they seem to like it, the jasmine is putting out new growth already. My thinking is that I'll have it climb up the pretty garden trellis/ornament on the one side and then spill down over the planter and possibly the stairs on the other side. Here's the ornament which I put in the middle of the planter.

I bought this one at Hobby Lobby for about $15 I think (it was half off) using some gift cards from way back in March. So happy with it, instant class :)

Look how happy Miss Jasmine is, new tendrils reaching for the sun. If she just reaches a little further she'll have plenty of sunshine all day long. For those of you who noticed that the top of the planter liner is still peaking out I was planning on covering the dirt and the liner with some pretty rocks eventually which should remedy the situation. So far the planter seems to be doing just great, I haven't seen any water leaking out from the bottom.

While browsing my local Dollar Tree store I also found some small but pretty cast iron plant brackets and took two of them home. One I put up out here and ended up making a lantern for it to have something pretty but no maintenance to show off.

It's made out of the left over light cover from my shenanigans over in this post. I didn't like the look of it in the backyard but with the addition of some wire and plastic jewels it's just right on the front porch :). I put some sand in it to weigh it down and now it's just waiting for a tea light to welcome evening visitors with the warm glow of candlelight.

This is the view of the entryway from the side.

The bench in the foreground is my cinder block bench that I just finished last night.

It's just two columns of two cinder blocks stacked on top of each other and topped by a seat made out of 2x6s. I stained the base red with diluted patio paint and then added the stripes to carry the same color theme as the planter beyond it. They're not quite the same red color but since I'll be adding other reds of different shades to this area I think it'll look great when I'm done. I think I'll leave the seat wood colored to let it weather into a soft gray eventually. Any black or red color would mean you won't be able to sit down on it in summertime unless you want your bottom to turn into a juicy steak, and white just seemed too boring.

The bench turns this little patio into an outside room to actually hang out in if you want to, it encloses the patio and makes it a little cozier. It's also a perfect place to put your bags while you're unlocking the front door which is virtually impossible to do with just one hand. 

Sooo much better already, don't you think? Still not done, though, so I guess it's going to be another cliffhanger for you :) But a new entry mat is in the plans, some more colorful blooms, a painted front door and touches of bright reds is what I'm thinking. More to come :)

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  1. Miss Jasmine looks wonderful! You are doing a great job on your entryway. And I have to tell you how much I love your cottage:)

    thanks for the combined project post!

  2. Now that is a nifty idea.....it looks so cute and welcoming by your front door....you can plant things seasonally and it will look great all year round. Thanks for popping over and your nice comment. Have a great weekend.

  3. you've got a great start! I love the challenge of working on a shoestring, don't you? Makes us think harder.


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