Saturday, May 15, 2010

Outdoor chandelier

So I've been wanting a chandelier on our patio for a few months but didn't find what I had in mind on any of my thrift store rounds. I wanted one of those brassy 8-12 arm ones that you can find pretty much anywhere, only they were all too expensive. I finally found one the other week for $15 and it was perfect!

Still think $15 is a little much but it's a two-tier, 12 arm one so it's not that bad. Once again I have no true before pic so I'll yap a little more before I show you - please bear with me :)

I had originally planned on spray painting it white but then a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a very inspiring pic on one of the blogs I follow of a rope-wrapped chandelier and so liked the look that I decided to wrap mine in twine. If I had actually saved my inspiration pic to my computer or at least remembered which blog I saw it on I would have been able to show it to you - but I have not been able to locate it despite looking like crazy (if anybody knows where I saw it please let me know).

Anyway. Before I started working on my chandelier I took it apart, removed all the wiring (no pic of that part either) and put it back together again. These chandeliers are put together with so many tiny little parts and I thought I was being organized and all but when it was back together again I discovered that I had a few extra parts (!). At this point I didn't feel like taking it apart again and trying to figure out where they went. And the chandelier seemed sturdy and looked good so I pretended like nothing had happened :)

I used about two balls of Dollar Tree twine for all the wrapping and here's what the chandelier looked like when it was half wrapped :)

Your standard brassy chandelier as you can see. It looked like my inspiration chandelier had the rope wrapped on using glue of some kind to hold it in place. I didn't want to use glue, it seemed like an extra step and with my twine being much thinner it didn't make sense to me. So I loosely followed the macrame directions in this video to enclose all the arms in twine, pushing the finished macrame down on the arm so it would cover completely. I also made sure the knots were all facing up on the arm.

The wrapping wasn't hard, just time consuming. I just cut off a workable length of twine and wrapped away, leaving the ends loose at this point. When I had to use more than one length of twine per arm I just knotted the two loose ends together, it's supposed to be a little rustic. But in the end you won't really notice because the twine is thin and the knotted ends just blend into the over all texture.
I also hot glued any loose ends down when I was all done as well as reinforced the knotted together ends with hot glue. And then I hung it above our picnic table on the patio.

After talking it over with my dear husband I decided to only wrap the arms to let the other parts add a little sparkle now but also weather eventually to add more of the rustic feel.

If you're a candle person you can just remove the "candles" on the chandelier and put real candles there. I'm not really much of a candle person and this chandelier is mostly here to provide ambience  without necessarily fulfilling any practical purpose so I decided to go for fake candles :)

Again, I loosely followed the directions here. Loosely is the word :) Since my PVC was only slightly thicker than the original "candles" I only plugged up the hole at the top with hot glue while sticking a length of floss in the middle and then trailing the hot glue down the sides. Painted them with outdoor paint, no primer because I was feeling lazy. Colored the floss black with a Sharpie and stuck the new candles up there. Here's the finished result.

And this is what it looks like from inside our dining room (bad pic, I know...)

Oh, and don't worry about the red being out of place. It is now but when it's all done out there it'll be part of a mostly off white color scheme with red accents. I'll put up drop cloth curtains out there and the patio floor will be painted white eventually. It'll look a lot more polished when it's all done, I promise :)

I'm sooo happy with my chandelier, it gives me a feel for what the patio will be like when I get it all done. Pretty, sophisticated, practical and cozy. I can't wait!!

Here's the run down: $15 for the chandelier, $2 for the twine, $1 for the outdoor paint = $18 for a great outdoor chandelier (I had all other supplies on hand). Isn't that a great deal?!

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  1. This is awesome! I think it would be great in a beach house. I would love for you to share this on Modern Craftswoman Monday!
    I'm following!

  2. What an whimsical look...luv it!



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