Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another pallet project and a question

I've been a lazy blogger. And I've been thinking. Since my crafting is somewhat cyclical I stress myself out in the slower times because I'm not posting as much as I "should", that is according to the schedule I set for myself. I think I'm just going to give myself some more slack in those slow times and just show off the pretty stuff  I manage to finish, when I finish it. I hope that's ok with you cool readers :)

I imagine that my posts will still come about a week or two apart because there's really no time at all where I don't do ANY projects, I'm constantly busy working on one thing or another. But I may be working on three projects at the same time and none of them are finished in time for the next post. Or a project that is almost finished may be waiting for someone to watch the kids so I can do the finishing touch in peace and quiet (those of you with kids may know that not all crafting can be done with kids around. Sometimes I feel like my two kids with their four little hands turn into an octopus and these hands just keep turning up out of nowhere to fiddle with all my stuff, all it takes is turning my back on them for a second and they're playing with the glue gun/screw driver/paint/needles and otherwise turning me into a nervous wreck). Or I'm just waiting on the plain old budgetary boundaries to be a little more flexible.

I also have a question for you. Once in a while I'll throw together a thrift store garment alteration, make some jewelry or some little nick-nacky something to give as a present to someone - would you be interested in seeing pics of those items too even though they have nothing to do with my overall "make my house pretty" theme of this blog? Because I do some of that stuff too even though I don't consider it as "important" to show off, mainly because I'm just winging it :) But it could still make for an interesting post. So please let me know in the comments or by email if you guys would be interested in seeing that stuff as well, otherwise I'll just stick to the "house fancy" stuff :)

Now to the pallet. My source of pallets seems to have dried up so this might be the last pallet project for a while. This time I was in need of a planter that was long and narrow but higher than the standard window box planter. After eyeing my last intact pallet for a while I decided that it could probably work.

The back first and this is the front. I decided to just cut it in half down the middle horizontally and in order to do that I had to remove the middle back board (already removed in the top pic).
And then I simply stuck the two halves together, backsides facing. I did this by just nailing the two leftover pieces of that one removed backer board to the ends of the planter. You can see it in this pic.

As you can see it's all pretty rough cut and unpolished. I didn't even use my sander this time around. It's a planter, no-one's going to care one bit if it's rough.

I tried it in it's intended spot, just outside the front door behind the screen door. Fits perfectly in the space! (The reason why that's a cause for celebration is that no actual measuring took place during this project - I'm a big fan of eyeballing it, or maybe it's just plain laziness...?)

But the plain wood tone won't work in this space. The front door is going to be red when I get around to it and all the accessories are going to be black and red. I had no black or red paint on hand sooo.. I ended up using some dark reddish-brown stain. It may not be the absolute best color here but it'll work for now. No pics of the staining, sorry :)

And I also needed a liner for the planter since it's full of holes and I don't want more water eating the wood than what the rain provides. Lucky for me our inflatable guest bed had just died (technically only the pump died but both the pump and the mattress sort of need to work for the concept to fly) and I decided to reuse the mattress for the liner. No pics here either but I basically cut off the top and the bottom of the mattress, put one inside of the other, stuffed the whole thing down the planter, folded the raw edges under and stapled them to the side of the planter. Oh, and I also cut drainage holes in the innermost layer of mattress and made the outermost layer slightly deeper to hold the overflow water. At least that's the idea, I haven't actually tried it out yet to see if it works :)

This was taken just before the stapling bonanza started.

And here's the after. As you can see I molded the liner around the planter walls as well as I could to give me as much room for dirt as possible. The gray "ruffle" you see in there are the walls of the mattress' air chambers that I had to cut open for this to work. They won't be visible once the dirt is in.

So my next problem was that I could still see the blue liner through the slats of the planter and blue just doesn't go with the color theme here. Since I was lazy while building the planter I decided to not go through the trouble of covering all the slat holes with wood and instead use some rope I had on hand. I got this idea from another blog out there but I don't know which one anymore (can you tell that I'm following waaaay too many blogs?) No pics of this step either but I hot glued rope horizontally in all the little gaps between the slats (and only on the front because I ran out of rope and no-one's going to see the back anyway).

So this is the end result! Pretty cool looking for a pallet, in my opinion.

These are my wild helpers and as far as they're concerned this is what you do with a storm door...

Another after. For the record this cost me $0 since I had all supplies on hand and only a few hours of hard work in my scorching "workshop" (the backyard). So all in all not bad, huh? :)

Now all it needs is some dirt and some shade tolerant plants. I have some in mind and will give you updates as I make progress on our front porch. Have a wonderful holiday!

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  1. DIY means different things to different people. Upcycling clothing, recycling pallets, jewellery making, and the like are all DIY to me, and I love to see what others have done. Working on projects while kids are around is always a challenge. We want to encourage creativity, but we also want all body parts intact! It's a balancing act I'm still working on myself. I like what you have done so far, and will keep reading.

  2. You know what? I put up drywall AND make drink caps out of spaghetti jar lids. You'll have fearless readers who will fire up the circular saw, and you'll have people who will drool over your dollar store genius.

    Do what's you.

  3. This was very cool, BTW. Make another for behind your pallet recliners.

  4. Just found your blog and love your projects. I would also be very interested in your other clothing, jewelry, and gift projects too. Hope you are adding them. Going to check out more of your blog now.

  5. I am new to your blog and now have enough projects to keep me busy for 2 lifetimes.... <3 thanks for sharing

  6. I'm loving your blog! This pallet planter is the first one I've seen cut in half to work, but it really does! (work) Thanks for sharing this! I can't wait to see it filled up!


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