Sunday, April 4, 2010

The beauty and the beast

Last week I covered the beast and now we've come to the unveiling of the beauty - our new, super elegant, softly romantic and fluffy Wedding Gown Shower Curtain!

Yeah, well. It's not a real wedding gown but it sure could have been with all those masses of off-white fabric that I had to maneuver around in our tiny bathroom in order to get it up and looking the way I wanted it to.

What do you think?

I had to take this pic through the mirror on the opposite wall in order to get almost all of the shower curtain in one pic because our bathroom is so tiny. All pics were pretty much taken with me plastered up against one wall or another, hence the "great" shots :) But hey, at least the shower curtain looks great :) And I managed to squeeze a cat head in the pic as well - yay for the great photographer..

When someone is taking a shower this is what it looks like (minus naked person, we're pretending here, ok?) with the transparent liner closed. The white curtain is stationary so I don't have to worry about re-training it or anything. Plus this way the shower isn't completely dark when you're in it which it would be if you had any kind of shower curtain on top of the liner.

And here it is open. You can still see the transparent liner but it doesn't really bother me that much. I need the liner for practical purposes and it's transparent so... The drama of the shower curtain sort of distracts the eye from the liner anyway.

I love that it's long enough to puddle on the floor, isn't that just the quintessential luxury? It is to me, and in such a utilitarian space as a bathroom no less.

Ok, I can hear the questions going through your minds this very minute - "How much did it cost?" and "How can I get me one of these asap?". So here's the scoop. The curtain cost me $20, the extra "turn to secure" shower curtain rod $12, the tassel tie back I already had on hand so the total is $32. As you know by now most of my stuff requires some form of DIY but it was pretty minor in this case.

Here's what I did.

I found two of these window scarves at Big Lots for $10 each. They're polyester which is great for wet and humid locations and usually cheap. Any cheapo home decor place would probably have them.

Mine were 59" wide and 216" long which turned out to be perfect. So when I got them home I cut each scarf in half and sewed all four lengths of fabric together by their selvages with a plain straight stitch, making sure to have the original hemmed edge facing down on all four lengths to make a nice hemmed bottom on my finished curtain.

At the top of the curtain I then sewed a simple rod pocket by folding the fabric over about 2" and again using a straight stitch. After sliding the very wide curtain on the curtain rod I then hung it in place by twisting the two parts of the rod in opposite directions, making sure to have the fabric evenly distributed along the rod.

After deciding on exactly how large I wanted the "swoop" of the curtain to be I simply fastened the tassel tie back to the shower liner curtain rod with "not-so-pretty-but-oh-so-practical duct tape" (it's only visible to the person taking a shower). What the visitors don't see the decorator gets away with, right? :)

And that's how you get floor to ceiling romantic drama in your bathroom. Pretty simple, huh?

My husband copes with this romantic flurry quite well, possibly because you know he's a total hunk just looking at him or maybe because the rest of the bathroom is (mostly) gender neutral and somewhat pared back (as previously discussed here, here and here). Either way, I absolutely love the new feel in this space. Quite happy with the new drama levels that greet me every time I visit the loo.

So what do you think - is it too over the top for you? I know it's perfect for me :)

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  1. Love that idea! It looks so, so pretty the way you gathered it. Great job!
    Best regards,

  2. Looks very nice. TTYTT, your title scared me - I thought you had literally made a shower curtain from your wedding dress! lol

    Be sure to drop by AtticMag this week for our Giveaway!


  3. Very nice and oh so romantic! Way to go!

  4. Beautiful! So elegant.

  5. The title of your link pulled me right in! visting from Someday Crafts link party! Love the shower curtain! It looks so pretty!

  6. Dramatic and gorgeous! I really like the look, though i don't think it go in the bathrooms at my house. We have old fashioned clawfoot tubs and I just don't see it with those!!!! I love it in your house!!!! (Along with all the other pretty stuff I've seen you do!

  7. Wow - it is so pretty and romantic looking. What a beautiful addition to your bathroom!

    Thanks for linking up to my party!


  8. I have something just like this in my bathroom and my husband keeps pushing it all the way back to the wall everytime he showers. Urrrgg!

  9. That looks great, I love the tassle! Very pretty:)

  10. That's soooo pretty. It's very romantic.

  11. I love the curtain! And the teal in the bathroom is daring and HOT! Great job~
    If you get a chance check out my blog at I am giving away a darling teapot for the month of April! Hugs, Olivia


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