Sunday, March 21, 2010

The painted water paradise

Ok, so I caved. I said I wanted my newly painted bathroom to be perfect before I show you. I guess it just goes to show that I'm not good at perfect :) So just beware - it's not perfect but it sure is immensely better than before and I absolutely adore this deep greenish turquoise I painted it! One wall still needs another coat of paint to make an even coat but I haven't worked up the energy to go at it yet (and I don't believe it actually shows in the pics. I was wrong - see the wall above the floor mirror? Yeah).

What do you think?

Ok, the color is a little greener in real life. The deep emerald green turquoise of tropical island water, you know? I ended up with a semi-gloss since it was for a tiny bathroom with sticky-fingered little people in a north facing room. So the gloss picks up the light and distorts the color slightly in the pics.

It's a custom color, I just walked into Home Depot and handed them my inspiration pic and they mixed it up for me. If anyone's interested let me know and I'll give you the exact recipe as printed on the can.

Guess what the inspiration was? Anyone seen this ad in your magazines lately?

I couldn't care less about the car but I wanted the color :) Where I marked the pic is where they took the color from.

Just for fun I'll show you a pic of the blah before.

What a difference some paint makes! Now I feel like I'm splashing in the refreshing waters surrounding some tropical island whenever I'm in there :) Despite being a very small and cramped space it's starting to take on the high end feel I'm going for. A couple more finished bathroom projects I'm hoping to show you in the next few weeks sure add to that feel so stay tuned :)

The one major drawback with finally getting some paint on the wall in our house is that now I can't wait to paint every single wall in every single room with lovely color, asap! And painting may not be complicated but it sure is a lot of work, especially when you need someone else around to keep the wildies from tearing the place apart while I focus on paint, tape and not getting paint on all my pretty stuff.
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  1. Ooooo...I love that color! And I totally love that jute vase :) This turned out great!

  2. Gorgeous!! There is just nothing like color that you love that makes you feel so refreshed and inspired!
    Smiles, Karen

  3. I luuuuuuuuuuuv turquoise! I've done several posts on it in the last year and just painted an end table in turquoise with a zebra print on top! Great job!

    Stop by my painting blog and say hello sometime! Jennifer

  4. Not sure why everyone loves blue bathrooms. I just saw Color Splash yesterday on HGTV. This couple had a blue bathroom and he wasn't sure why they made that choice. It makes them looks so much smaller. To each his own! :)

  5. I LOVE that color. It looks so great with white and black.

  6. Love the color you painted the bathroom wall with! It's gorgeous - like a Peacock blue.


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