Saturday, March 6, 2010

More silhouettes - vintage kids & carriage

I'm back in the saddle again :)
I've been working on quite a few different projects lately, only most of them are not the instant gratification kind which is kind of annoying.

I've made bedside lamps for the master bathroom but they're still awaiting the socket kits so I can light them and I want them to look perfect before I show you.
I've painted our bathroom finally! But one wall needs another coat of paint and I want it to look perfect before I show you. But boy is that bathroom gorgeous now!
I've sown quite a few flowers but I have nothing to show for it yet :) Hopefully it'll look great in a couple of months.
I've been putting up roller shades in our bedrooms but they're still the plain white variety and I'm hoping to replace the plastic with a nice fabric before the reveal. This one is going to take a while to get done.

My point in telling you all this is to say that I've been very busy working on things but I have nothing or little to show for it yet. Soo frustrating. Because I love how it all looks but it's kind of unconventional. I need it to be as perfect as possible before I put it all up on the blog to make sure you don't think I've gone complete crazy with my decorating choices... :) Crazy, huh?

There's one project I managed to finish the other day. In one of my very first posts I mentioned a silhouette of my daughter that I had made but that it was awaiting the completion of the one of my son. They're both done now and here they are! (I don't have pics of all the steps this time, I got lazy with the lack of blogging lately...).

The white framed one is of my daughter. It's still missing a glass cover in the frame because our (miraculously still not beheaded) cat broke the wonderful, one of a kind domed glass that came with the frame. So I'll see if I can replace it with a standard flat glass cover instead, boring but functional. At least the frame is kind of cute anyway. I found the frame at a thrift store and I had to have it, mainly because of that domed glass. It was a dark green with gold highlights so I spray painted it an antique white, looks so much better.
I simply cut out my scrapbook paper to fit in the frame and glue-sticked the silhouette to the center and I was done!

For my son I wanted another oval shape but I wanted it to be different. So I got a wooden plaque at Walmart and painted the edges black with some craft paint I had around. Then I mod podged a nice boyish-looking scrapbook paper on the front, covered with another layer of mod podge and added the silhouette (made from black card stock) on top. With yet another coat of podge I was done. I considered spraying a top coat on but since it'll be on the wall and (hopefully) not handled much I think it'll be ok the way it is. Nailed a hanger on the back and on the wall it went. I was being a little sloppy so he ended up with a few bubbles and wrinkles in a few places but unless you see him at just the right angle you won't be able to tell. I guess this pic was taken at just that angle...

When I proudly showed the results to my husband he shot me down with a comment about our son looking like a girl.... but that it was "otherwise nice". Ouch :) Yes, he's got some fuzzy hair on him but it's meant to be that way. Both pictures (that I made the silhouettes from) where taken pretty much right before their first hair cut and the silhouettes are meant to be part of their "baby memorabilia".

In my opinion he looks a little bit like the boy on all the match boxes in Sweden, Solstickan. He's got long hair too :) See?

As for how I made the silhouettes it may not be the best or fastest but it works for me. I take one of my digital pics and import it into Photoshop. I add another layer to the image and trace around the profile, make the first layer (the pic) invisible and voila, there's my profile. I've saved the profiles on the computer in case I want to use them in the future as well, or send them to relatives in other parts of the world. I print the profile out on regular printer paper in the size I need it to be, cut it out, put it on top of black card stock and trace around it with a white pen. And then cut it out again, the last time. That's it.

And here are the parade pics.

I like the old fashioned vibe of the oval shapes and how they are similar but different, just like our kids are in real life :)

I also had an empty frame that needed some content. I had copied a whole bunch of old-fashioned silhouettes out of one of those Dover books I found at the library and just simply printed one I liked out on a scrapbook paper and framed it. I placed the frame on a plate stand in a dreary corner of our dining room. Looks kind of cool and so simple.

I feel a little bit like Cinderella looking at it :)

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  1. I am loving your site.

  2. Love those! The hair on the little one is too cute.


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