Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update, projects to follow

Quick update here.
I've dropped the ball again. Again! Can't belive it.

More family came into town (it's like Christmas in February here - crazy), more drama (which I will not go into detail about here) and then our whole family has had this cold of Hulk-like proportions for the last week (Hulk as in size, not color :)). Soooo, here I am without a proper project post to show.

The good new is I've gotten some shopping done, surprisingly, and now I have the materials for a few more projects in the next weeks to come. And I've gotten some done on a few other projects in the last week but nothing I can show you just yet, it's just half finished.

And I've ordered seeds so I expect to be showing you some garden projects during spring and summer for our as of now completely barren yard. I can't believe some people don't do ANYTHING to their yards, but that's how our house came when we bought it - BARREN! I hope to change that pretty soon with my seed projects. I totally don't know what I'm doing when it comes to the garden :) It'll be an adventure, never done anything like it before. If I succeed in turning our place into a perfectly flowery cottage garden we can all enjoy the beauty, if I fall flat on my face we can laugh (or cry) together.

Either way I hope you stay with me, crafty projects will always be the focus of this blog, just with some garden stuff thrown in for good measure.

While having the potential to completely fail in doing as I intend (depending on what life IRL throws my way) I will still say that I should have a regular project post within the next week for you to enjoy. Thank you all for following my crafty endeavors, I appreciate every one of you!

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