Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tassels make all the difference

I found this absolutely gorgeous lamp, or lamps I should say, a few months ago at a thrift store for only $20 and I could not believe my eyes. Had to have them! So I put them in the dining room and they fit great.

I have no idea where they originally were used and I pondered for a while if I should use them in the bathroom. But in the end I decided on the dining room.
Now let me tell you that our dining room is adjacent to both our kitchen and the living room and those three rooms make up about half of our little house. The living room has by now quite an air of Morocco and I realized the dining room was looking quite traditional in style without any of the exotic stuff. So in order to tie the dining room into the vibe of the living room I decided to fiddle with the lamps. And this is what they look like now.

Cool, aren't they? So now they have a vague Asian feel to them, which isn't exactly Moroccan but at least it's exotic looking :) Close enough for me since I'm not exactly going for a specific look but more collecting things that I like. And I like tassels.

Notice how I made those "hooks" out of wire to hang the tassels from? I got the idea to start working with wire about a month ago when I discovered this blog, De Beaux Souvenirs. She makes some really pretty things and she got me all inspired to try it.
So I found a few wire hangers just like this one in my closet and got to work.

I just took the hanger apart and divided the remaining wire in half so two hangers per lamp and 4 hangers total for the whole thing. Straightened the wire as best I could, I wasn't going for perfection. I came up with my design and formed the first piece of wire with the help of pliers and tried it on the lamp. This is what it looked like.
And so I made seven more of those.

As you can see there's the hook part, then a "clamp" part and a little curlicue at the end for purely decorative purposes. I needed the hooks to stay on the lamps securely so the clamp goes around the lamps "arms" and locks the hook to the lamp. It's still easily removable in case I change my mind in the future and also because I'll probably need to spray paint the wire so it looks more like a part of the lamp. A future project since it wasn't in my budget to buy paint right now.
As a side note I can add that most everything I make is a work in progress and nothing is perfect since I get bored doing the same thing all the time and therefore hop around between techniques and projects as my fancy leads me. I'm also a big fan of being able to change my mind since I have about a million new ideas a week and there's no way they all go together with what I already have.

On to the tassels. They're really easy to make. Get some of your favorite colors of embroidery floss at the store, one or more "skeins" (do you call them that when they're so tiny?) depending on how chubby or lean you want the tassel to be. I went with two per tassel.

Remove the paper thingies and open them up like this.
You can see I tied a string through both of the skeins to keep them in check while working on them.
I took a longer piece of floss and tied it around the tassel to make the neck and then wound the long end of my piece of floss tightly around the neck until I had the look I was going for. With the help of a sewing needle I pulled the floss through the neck and down into the skirt of the tassel to secure the neck. Finished! That's all there is to it and this is what you end up with.

I then tied a tiny loop through the head of the tassel to hang onto my hooks. I made four tassels per lamp and they are in dark blue and turquoise in alternating sequence, just for variation. My colors for the dining room (when it gets painted etc.) is going to be brown and blues with accents of white and black. You also have to imagine the lamps chain/cords covered in a pretty cord cover when it's all said and done.
More pics of the end result, I'm quite pleased, actually.

George doesn't seem to mind either :)

If you're thinking that this looks kind of puny compared to my inspiration source I can tell you that I actually made a much more ambitious thing, a lantern with Moroccan flair, before I got to tampering with the dining room lights. The wire part is finished except for a coat of spray paint but I also need to add some fabric so I guess I'll post about it when it's done. But simple fixes like these lamps above are fun too. Now go find a few wire hangers in your closet and make something :)

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  1. Oh Brother, or in this case Sister... You have WAY to much time on your hands ;)
    Nice "tassel" with the lamps flanking the King George silouette, not so sure it looks "oriental" but the taste makes the difference, i guess.
    Nice to see you have your hands busy tho.
    Take care and such.
    /Brother T (Ret.)


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