Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Like chalk boards?

Who doesn't, right? Here's a quick idea as an alternative to painting or hanging a chalk board.

I had a gorgeous frame from Ikea sitting around because I H-A-D to have the frame even though I didn't have a specific use for it at the time. Having small kids around I was getting worried they would break it if it wasn't hung and I had an empty wall in my kitchen where I could use something pretty.
Enter bright idea :)
The frame is Ung Drill Frame from Ikea, $24.99

I got a couple yards worth of really cheap jersey knit fabric from Walmart just because I liked the color and put it in the frame, stashed a dry erase pen nearby - and voila! Perfect place to list groceries for the next store run. We use it all the time. Perfect for love notes as well :)
I used a solid color fabric on purpose so the writing would be legible against it, but you could really use any kind of fabric. If the fabric is pretty enough on it's own it could just be framed art.

Now I need to point out that this won't work unless you have a frame with a glass pane (or a mirror) in it, FYI. Dry erase pens need something hard and smooth like glass to wipe off easily. But isn't it just the most stylish grocery list you've ever seen?!

Here's another view:

And another.

I know the pics are a little blurry but I think you get the idea. I just love this frame. If I'd had a specific project in mind to help me sell the idea to my husband I would have gotten more of them at the time, but at least I got one just in case they would discontinue it. I'm glad I already had this frame on hand when I came up with this idea because I know my husband would not have agreed to shell out $25 for a grocery list :) He was probably thinking of framing some noble-looking ancestor... Turning it into a mirror would have been wonderful as well. That's probably what I'll do if and when I get around to buying another one of these beauties.

And if black isn't your thing there's spray paints out there in any color of the rainbow, a few coats and it'll look completely different. Imagine the possibilities! Any pretty frame or mirror can be used, check out your nearest thrift store or your own attic. And a message board really works for any room in your house, you could even put one outside your entrance for "Don't wake the baby"-messages and the like.
Hope you like this idea, I sure do :)

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  1. wow sooo cute. love the style of your blog. c'mon and visit anytime. ann @ housefinally

  2. This is DARLING!

    I so often see such ugly colored frames of that style. Never ever thought to make a message board from it.



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