Sunday, November 29, 2009

A beginning and some inspiration

Ok. I'm not sure I've got this blogging thing completely figured out, but here we go.

I was going to do this complete introduction and all but if you're anything like me you want to get to the good stuff asap. So I guess we'll just get to know each other as we go :)

I happen to be hopelessly drawn to Moroccan/Indian style and colors (or at least my perception of that style since I have been to neither place myself) and I always have problems finding inspiring pictures of those styles and colors. So a couple of weeks ago I stumbled over a treasure trove of pics after finding a couple of party rental companies with gorgeous pics of all out fabric and color explosions (thanks to Zoe's Wedding Blog). Needless to say I spent a few happy hours dreaming to these beautiful pics. Be sure to check them out yourselves, they have so much more than what I've shown here.

Here's some of what Mosaik Events has to offer, all pics from their web site.
I love the hot pink and orange combo, I wonder if there's a way to reproduce those daybeds into my own yard...

I love the way they throw those rugs out on the ground, instant coziness.

Just look at the rich fabric on those throw pillows. It's so simple but looks like a million bucks.
Fabric makes the whole room, doesn't it?

I thought the use of branches and lanterns over a pergola like this was really creative.

These pics remind me of the movie Monsoon Wedding.

A pic of a really cool candle holder that I'm sure can be made on a shoestring, just need to figure out how :)

And then it's the eye candy from Raj Tents, all pics from their web site.
I love blue and turquoise together, and I love the idea of just making a room with fabric walls. Imagine the possibilities!

The shape of the tent opening can be copied and used for shoestring projects, love the way it looks. And the rugs casually thrown out on the ground.

Yummy fabric lanterns. One thing I love about Moroccan/Indian style is that all these bright and wonderful colors just seem to go perfect together almost no matter what combination you use.

Love the hot pink rolly cushions with tassels.

Yellows and oranges, just lovely...

I can't get enough of all kinds of Moroccan lanterns.

I like the use of cord covers for an extra luxurious look. 

All this abundance of fabric is wonderful. Why, oh why is fabric so expensive when you need yards and yards of it? That's one of my biggest challenges with my shoestring style because I love masses of fabric, it makes such a difference in a room, or outdoors. I've thought about buying cheap muslin for about $1 a yard and dyeing it some sumptuous color and that would probably look ok. You wouldn't get that wonderful silky shine to the fabric and there's no way it would survive outdoors for any longer period of time. But indoors where shine isn't super important? Or outdoors if you don't mind setting it up and taking it down every day (wouldn't work for me, got to find a different solution because Sunbrella fabric in those quantities will never be in my budget).
Anyway, these pics really inspire me, I want it all :)

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  1. These are so inspiring...if only I had a yard like that!

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  3. This looks like a stunning wedding and the tents is amazing!!

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